Getting married is great, and many times, your friends want to know everything. It’s very normal to discuss your significant other all of the time. It’s best not to slip up on certain issues, though. We look at five things that shouldn’t be discussed about your marriage.

Behind Closed Doors

The things that happen in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom. Depending on who you talk to, it can lead to an awkward encounter. While a few people are carefree with these details, it’s best to avoid them in conversations. “Filling others in on what goes on between your sheets makes your intimacy a group event,” says author Sara Nasserzadeh.

Sweet Child O’ Mine

If you have children, you know the importance of keeping them safe. When it comes to their problems, many things are worth sharing with others. Certain incidents, such as a serious illness, might be a bit too to divulge over coffee. Talk to your partner about how to handle breaking serious news to everyone.

Buried In The Past

Before finding the one, you’ll have several past relationships. While you probably talk about it with your spouse, don’t share this with friends. They shouldn’t know exactly what went on with your loved one years ago. It could bring up horrible memories during a typical night out.

Lay Your Money Down

Money problems are something that many couples face during their time together. Talking about not being able to pay your mortgage can lead to some unwanted help. Your friends might try to start a fundraiser or open a Gofundme in your name. While they were only trying to help, it may engender feelings of embarrassment.

A Hard Day’s Night

After work, your spouse usually talks to you about their trials and tribulations at the office. Many times, they’ll simply hide these problems with a smile while having dinner with friends. If they’re not comfortable bringing up their work problems, don’t try to do it for them.