Unsplash / Atikh Bana

Let’s face it, coffee is the fuel of life. Whether you have it hot or iced, tall or short, black and strong or full of sugar, there’s nothing like coffee to get you through the day. But the magic coffee bean can get you a little hooked. Here are five things you’ll only understand if you’re truly addicted to coffee.

It’s the Only Thing That Can Wake You Up in the Morning

Some people swear by a cold shower, but true coffee addicts know that the only thing that can truly get the brain going in the morning is a dose or two of caffeine, depending on the level of exhaustion. Even the smell can wake a coffee lover from a dead sleep.

You Can Have Endless Cups and It Still Isn’t Enough

How much coffee is too much coffee? The correct answer is there’s no such thing. Coffee addicts regularly have three to five cups a day without getting the jitters, and that’s just a normal Tuesday. On days when they’re truly exhausted, they might reach for the double shots of espresso. Then it’s watch out world!

You Become a Coffee Snob

Snob or connoisseur—they’re the same thing to those who don’t understand the distinct flavors of a good cup of java. You won’t touch instant coffee unless you’re desperate, too much sugar or artificial sweetener ruins the whole cup, and it isn’t really good coffee unless you grind it yourself.

You Get Grumpy If You Don’t Have Your Coffee

Some of us just aren’t morning people, and we need a cup or two before we’re ready to face the world. But we also hit an afternoon slump where the caffeine is necessary too. Caffeine helps us operate, and true coffee addicts are grumpy unless they have a few cups of coffee in them.

You Can’t Imagine Life Without Coffee

What would the world be like without coffee? Far less energetic, that’s for sure, and no one would be able to wake up in the morning. Beyond that, you don’t like imagining the world without coffee, because like all true coffee addicts, you know you’d find it hard to function.