From the Olympics to the NBA Finals, modern sports are televised all over the world. Glorious moments are caught on camera at these events for the whole world to enjoy. Less well known, however, are the bloopers, which are sometimes so perfectly timed that they deserve their award. Some fans even prefer to watch the silly outtakes. Are you one of them, too? Then it’s time to enjoy a series of the worst (or best) moments in athletics, captured at just the right moment. Find the funniest sports photos here!

Hockey today is all about walking over dead bodies…

Field hockey doesn’t get the attention it deserves, but today it does. Here’s a motivated opponent running at full speed towards the ball. No one is going to stand in her way if she wants to have a say.

Stepping on someone

The competition has been knocked to the ground, just like that. And while the lady in red whimpers in pain below, the match continues. It’s hard to imagine the sounds heard in this scene, as we only have a visual representation. A crunch, perhaps?

High diving can get ugly on the way down; we have to admit it

High diving can be a graceful event for those who appreciate the art. But most of us were never formally trained to jump from a tall tower. We just enjoyed clapping bombs at the local swimming pool. From the looks of it, we weren’t alone!

Concentrating face

Here a camera has captured a high diver in action. As he falls with gravity, we can also see his emotional journey. However, the wind distorts his face a bit. Is he smiling or frowning? Maybe it’s a bit of both; we’re caught.

When you merge your souls to achieve your goals of ice…

Ice dancing is by far the most playful of the Olympic disciplines—even those who claim to hate sports tune in for a few segments. Perhaps viewership would be even greater if more people knew that magic literally happens on the ice, like here!

The face of worry

As this man and woman glide around, their bodies and minds seem to merge. There is something unnatural about this sight. We pray that it is just an optical illusion caught at the perfect moment. If so, it’s a good illusion!

Rumor has it that hockey is more intense than any other American sport…

Sure, Canada is passionate about it. But that doesn’t mean the country below has noticed. Americans seem preoccupied with baseball, basketball, and sometimes even lacrosse. There just doesn’t seem to be room in their hearts for hockey.

Through the looking glass

But maybe this photo will change minds out there. The skater’s impact through the glass shows incredible speed. Supposedly, basketball is the sport of choice for adrenaline junkies on the couch. But let’s be honest – haven’t they ever seen a fight on the ice?

Take me to the ball game, get him away from that bat…

Baseball may seem like a boring game. There is a lot of standing around and tossing back and forth. Fans claim this part is fascinating, like a chess game with interesting moves to watch. But the game will always have its haters.

When bats attack

There’s a lot more action today than usual. But it’s deadly and terrifying to watch! As a bat swings forward, a young boy sits innocently in the way. Miraculously, an arm in the stands blocks the impact. Photographically, it’s a great sight to see!

A Blow To The Mouth Is Great In Slow-Mo

Boxing is literally a sport where you punch each other in the face. Ideally, you should protect this space with soft gloves. But sometimes a boxer gets caught off guard. Here, a photographer captured that exact moment for all to analyze.

Pow to the kisser

The fact is that professionals can reach speeds of 25 miles per hour with their fists. It’s best to keep your distance, you must agree. But unfortunately, that wasn’t the case here. Hopefully he had a good dentist on speed dial!

No one knew that prancing was a pro tennis move

Tennis is a sport that has high viewership among both genders. There are a few differences in playing style, and the men tend to hit harder and faster. Even Serena Williams admits that men’s tennis is a whole different world.

On Dancer, On Prancer

Her statement attracted a lot of attention. But was she aware that it involved jumping and dancing around? Not likely. Maybe the ladies should introduce a victory dance like this. They’re bound to look better with that low bar!

I think I can fly, I think I can touch the sky

Basketball stars all seem to have one thing in common. They are incredibly tall, which allows them to reach heights that are a problem for most of us. But besides size, there has to be another method to shooting baskets. What exactly is the strategy here?

Dancing through life

Fans really aren’t sure. Many of them missed it on the original video. But pictures freeze situations like this, on endless repeat. The New York Knicks’ No. 8 is neither a bird nor a plane. But deep down, does he know that?

Sand volleyball seems to be a lot more intense than we knew it would be

Volleyball is a team sport that is usually played on the beach. It is also practiced in gyms. But where is the harder terrain to play on? This perfectly timed and sandy photo tries to answer that question once and for all.

Face full of sand

When this woman lands on the field, she finds herself in an explosion of particles. On camera, she looks like a human bomb. But no one was hurt in this action. It’s just another day at the net!

He mastered this hurdle like no other in this race

We sometimes talk about mastering hurdles as a metaphor for the difficult things in life. But it’s actually a track and field discipline, and there are athletes who specialize in it. Here, a runner fails to jump off in time. How do you think it turned out for him?


Not well, to be honest. This is simply not a sport where precision is optional. He jumped too early, or too late. Or maybe he didn’t jump at all. Maybe he tripped? Even the image of it is painful.

True friends are always there to help you

They say that sportsmanship is dead in the modern athletic scene. But here, in a perfectly timed shot, the opponents prove us wrong. As Mister Red leans forward, his blue friend decides to give him a shove from behind. A true blue friend, right?

Red and blue

At least that’s how we imagine it. Someone should ask the ducking man how he feels about it. In case he forgot, a photo captured the exact moment everything went off the rails. The internet will remind him of it, forever.

He was caught with his pants down and without a ball

As one determined player tries to win the game, all hell breaks loose. Right behind him, a challenger introduces a new move that no one saw coming. According to the rules, it’s not even allowed. But the official rules couldn’t stop anything!

Pantsed in front of everyone!

It’s just not fair to pull down your opponent’s pants when they’re better than you. That’s not sportsmanship, no matter how you define it. And judging by the look on his face, he knows he’s been robbed of success. His internet fame will no doubt be more significant.

This agile track star could also become a model

The high jump is a discipline that is not easy for anyone in track and field. The shorter, stockier athletes usually turn to the shot put and hammer throw. In the pole vault, the long-legged are the real stars of the show. But is that their only career path?

Fantastic pose!

Actually, that may be the least advisable way. Caught at just the right second, the crowd can see her true talent. Not only does she have a lanky physique, but she’s also super photogenic. This girl is destined for the catwalk!

This shocking gas attack turned out to be a show of force…

American football has a name that the rest of the world doesn’t understand. The sport is played mainly with the hands! Plus, there are a lot of rules that no one else knows, but Americans care deeply about. Do farts happen?

A gas attack

If so, then there must be some regulations for gas. There were some sparks lit here, and they look very dangerous. The flammable butt in question should be disqualified! That is unless it’s just a crazy random photo before an ad. That is also possible.

A Green Bay Packer who became the butt of jokes after his win

When the Green Bay Packers kept winning Super Bowls, fans wanted to show their appreciation. Most gave the players a firm handshake or a hug. However, one fan decided to offer his congratulations in a much warmer way.

Appreciate the booty

A sneaky hand moved all the way to the back. Then it crawled deeper. The result is that this professional athlete gets a very intimate thank you. With so many other hands holding him, it’s hard to walk away!

That’s a cheerleading tower, not a diving board.

Anyone who has seen Bring It On knows that cheer is not just a serious social club. It’s also a real athletic endeavor, and that comes with risks. Those tall towers you see? The Spirit team members have to be in top shape to build them safely and gracefully.

A bad fall

Here is a pyramid almost perfect on Friday night. But the star that belongs at the top has taken a nosedive, and that’s anything but pretty. Chances are, things are going to get even uglier after this moment. But for now, let’s laugh!

Spectators may have thought this synchronized swimmer was four meters long

The most fascinating thing about synchronized swimming is the time the ladies hold their breath underwater. Few of us can do that for minutes at a time. But here we see something even more fascinating going on in the pool.

Is she a mermaid?

You can see the head of this swimmer above water. But you can also see that much of her body is submerged. Is she a human caterpillar? No, it’s just a clever photograph, that’s all. In this perfect moment, two swimmers really did look like one.

No one who’s ever given it their best shot has regretted it, except for this guy.

Football is a contact sport when the going gets tough. The official rules forbid pushing with your hands, but you can certainly use your shoulders while fighting for dominance. Here, a player fell while fighting for the ball. What happened next?

An awkward position

As he slides on the turf, he tries to keep the ball under control with one foot. But there’s another player up top with both feet over his head. It looks like it’s going to be pretty comfortable between the two of them. The look on the victim’s face is amazing!

A private show, just for the gentlemen at the front…

When you attend a sporting event, the main attraction is of course the sport. But at big games, there is sometimes an additional entertainment program. Here, some fans had a front-row seat at the halftime show. Boy, did they have a good time!

A high jump

The jumps of these ladies are perfectly matched. A camera caught them when they were in the air and it’s a great picture. The creepy fans in the stands ruin the picture though. Almost a perfect picture! Take two would be worth a shot.

We wish these ladies luck with their next attempt

Cheerleading is supposed to be full of pep. At least the name suggests it’s supposed to be full of pep. For whatever reason, that doesn’t always work out as planned. One photographer captured exactly what happens when the cheers go awry. Horribly wrong!

Cheering fail

The demo doesn’t seem to be going well for anyone in this series. It looks like they’re going to stumble right away. They just won’t make the team, unfortunately, and we have a few suggestions. Volleyball, tennis, soccer, or anything else is possible!

This guy claims the victory kick wasn’t funny for everyone

There are different positions in football. Maybe you know the terms striker, defender, midfielder, and goalkeeper. Actually, there are other terms as well. But sports change over time, and we found a new role captured in this photo. Back-row shooter, perhaps?

That smarts

After that, he didn’t enjoy anything for a while. Luckily for the internet, a nimble finger captured the incident with a snapshot. Now we also enjoy it forever!

A picture is worth a thousand words on this basketball court

It’s always satisfying to attempt a three-point shot and be successful. Here, a basketball player attempted it and was thrilled with the result. A picture shows his emotional journey in the split second after his throw. Who’s to say you can’t relate?

This is disgusting

For some, it captures their own feelings in the world of sports. For others, it’s a departure from that world. You have to admit, his facial expression is a little odd here. Hopefully, he’s saved another smile for dating!

This marathon runner bleeds like a champion

It’s the goal that many runners pursue their entire lives: To complete a marathon and cross it off their bucket list. The famous long-distance run is over 42 kilometers and is no walk in the park. And a walk certainly isn’t!.

Problematic period

Here, a female athlete has tried to overcome this challenge. But something is running down her legs, and no one wants to say what exactly it could be. We don’t know for sure, but there are only a couple of organic possibilities. We’re proud of her for completing the race!

Winners never quit and quitters never win, they told their

It is remarkable what the human body can achieve with the right attitude. A true athlete goes beyond his limits and runs further than the spectators expect. Here, a young runner attempted a tough race on a hot day. How did that go?

An unfortunate expulsion

As evidenced by this picture, it was getting a little queasy out there. He couldn’t help himself, and he didn’t. Unfortunately, he throws up in the middle of the race. Spectators can only hope that he didn’t run into it, and neither did anyone else.

Some people face challenges, but this one went too far

When it’s time to dunk, spectators better get out of the way. The sheer physics of the act is hard to control once you get going. Here, a teammate was nearby for support. But he didn’t realize the dunk was imminent.

They say teammates are close…

In the blink of an eye, the player’s step meets the other’s head. Thanks to the magic of modern technology, we can see the exact second it all happened. Players can look back and laugh – or cry if they want.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon Conquers the Olympics

Swimming is a sport, believe it or not. It’s not just a recreational activity at the beach. For those who are serious about it, it means thousands of laps in a pool. Here, a swimmer was filmed in a particularly intense moment. Freaky stuff, we say.

The aliens are here

When this head emerges from the chlorine wearing a cap and glasses, it barely looks human. If we didn’t know better, we might say it’s not him. But we know that this picture was taken just an incredible split second from the bleachers. It’s rare to see something like this!

You said Kobe and Shaq were close, but not that close…

Kobe and Shaq were enemies in the 90s, for reasons most fans have forgotten. They were both great talents with the Lakers, but their rivalry was unmistakable. We understand they must have butted heads a lot. Did they have tender moments, too?

Friendly pat

It seems to be the case here. Kobe gives Shaq a slap on the butt and the camera caught it all. It’s hard to explain why athletes do this from time to time. But despite the lingering mystery, the image draws us in!

Coaches don’t usually play along, but this one had no choice

This moment, captured on the court of a Washington Wizards game, has the internet laughing. In the middle of the capitol, the coach was hit in the face by a flying basketball. How did that even happen when he was paying such close attention?

In your face

If he was really mentally engaged with the game, you would think he would see this coming. Maybe coaches, like all of us, dream from time to time. Either that or the ball was flying at the speed of light!

Set your goals high and don’t stop until someone picks your nose

On the field, things get very intense for professional players. Most fans never see things from their point of view, even when the game is broadcast on HDTV screens. What happens right at the net that we don’t know about?

You can pick your friends…

Judging by this extraordinary photo, someone might be picking your nose. Should you attempt the winning dunk, a few fingers might get in the way. This is unexpected, but we’re just ordinary fans in the crowd. What do we know?

The groin really should not be the target

Running on a huge grass field can get pretty tiring after a while. These youngsters do their best while family and friends watch. Most of the time, nothing wild happens. There is just too much space in this sport.

Watch the ball(s)

However, today is different. As this picture shows, there was a moment when the ball hit a sensitive spot. If it flew fast enough, there will be no easy run-on. In this case, some ice might even be necessary. Does anyone have that handy?

There’s nothing like the challenge when your pants are off

Outside of America, soccer is known as football. But no matter what you call it, fans and players get very animated during this high-intensity sport. It can even get downright aggressive. This example gives a good insight.

Pants are down

When one player literally attacks the other, their shorts are removed by sheer gravity. This is incredible. The picture that captured this moment in the air is a treasure. We wonder why he’s wearing jeans, though.

This old statue had no idea he would become a star

Shooting a perfect three-pointer is no easy feat. Sure, some of us manage it occasionally. But getting the ball into the basket reliably takes practice. How did this old sculpture get so good at it when he can’t even move?


That part will probably remain a mystery for a while. We may never really understand the process. But the picture is a wonderful change from the mundane. Art, sports, and photography have come together to make us laugh!

This kiss was the best action to distract his opponent

Rugby is supposed to be a manly sport where the going gets tough. But the softer side of rugby hasn’t gotten enough attention. Here, the game took an unexpected turn. As one player grabbed the ball, kisses distracted him from his task.

So romantic

It’s just a little smooch, guys. There’s no need to get upset. But that’s our side. On his side, he has every right to be pissed. He can’t concentrate when that happens in the middle of the game. Smart strategy, 42!

The horror on his face is just too funny to ignore

Here a football match has gone a bit out of hand. One player is flying through the air and the other has crashed to the ground. At this stage of the game, one of the two has a clear advantage when the ball comes his way.

No one was happy

The gentleman in the red jersey realizes that all is lost. He has no way of regaining his balance in time to reach the ball. The ball is coming right at them, and he knows he’s going to miss a big throw. Better luck next time, buddy.

On the saddle is still the best position to win

Going in circles somehow seems to be a sport. Whether it’s horses, cars, or bikes, there is an audience for this concept. But in all cases, it’s best to stay in the classic position. Head up and butt down, of course!

Oh no!

Falling on the cement is no reason to lose a race. If you’re going to finish last, it’s best to finish in one piece. Today, however, is not the day for that. This photo captures the moment before it crashed. Ouch, and ouch!

This headless wonder has found a replacement for the game today

When you bend down to sign a few forms, you might think that’s normal for a game. But no! There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. A shock of silver hair has coupled with a player’s body. Creepy, right?

Where’s the head?

But maybe that’s not the case at all. The internet seems to think that number 35 has a brand new head, but we can look closely. It’s just an unusual perspective, that’s all. No big deal. Nothing to worry your head about, really.

Wheels are more than just theory, they are a necessity

It’s no secret that bikes work best with multiple wheels. If you only have one working wheel, you might be on a unicycle. Worst case scenario, you’re on that dirtbike hurtling through the air with no way to land safely.

Heading for a crash

Before the big impact, it was kind of beautiful. A camera caught it all and we can enjoy the moment on our screens. It’s hard to tell what the driver was thinking at that moment, though. At this point, digital photography simply can’t reproduce everything yet.

This must simply violate some law or rule

A couple of extreme bikers are on a forest trail. Most of the time, no wildlife gets in their way. Occasionally, deer pose a serious danger when they jump in front of the bikes. This is really no joke!

Horny competitor

Today, this risk assessment is a little more confusing than usual. These bikers saw a deer head with dangerous antlers. But when they looked down, they saw it was a human body walking next to them. It’s a great picture, but we hope they didn’t lose too much concentration. Both eyes ahead is a good rule, even here.

Pancake face is certainly not the nickname this kid wanted

If you want to be a soccer star, you need to be fully dedicated to the game. That can also involve bruises and bumps. A broken nose is not usually part of the deal. After all, this isn’t boxing!

Pancake face for sure

Hopefully, the impact wasn’t as violent as it looks here. A bloody nose can happen, of course, and kids know how to deal with that. Just take a Kleenex and stuff it up each nostril. Wait ten minutes and you’ll be fine. That’s part of being young, isn’t it?

Positioning is the key in sports, we are told again and again

The boys line up to start soccer practice and wait for instructions. One player has decided to stretch a bit and leans forward. Behind him, a friend is still standing tall. Look at the picture that was created!

Good for them

I’m sure that’s something special. If any of his friends saw it later, they must have laughed behind his back. They may have even laughed in his face. The lesson from all this is clear. Watch out when cameras are around, and whatever you do, don’t bend over in a line.

Baseball bottoms are the best bottoms, as these players prove

In baseball, your hands are usually in a leather glove, throwing or catching a small ball at a high rate of speed. At other times, your hands are gripping a bat and hitting the ball into the sky. Here we have wandering hands. What is their goal?

Pat the bottom

It’s not often that a friend grabs you from behind. But maybe there are different rules in sports. We seem to be seeing a lot of this action lately. For now, enjoy the picture. However, more research is needed on the topic.

Number 106 turned out to be a very sneaky skater

Speed skating is very different from ice dancing or ice hockey. It is a real race. Competitions include long-distance speed skating and short-distance speed skating. Don’t forget marathon speed skating! It’s even wilder, say the fans.

Sneak skating

As one girl bends over to maximize speed, her comrade follows close behind. But a nasty photographer has decided to document this from the stands. He makes it look way more indecent than it needs to be. These are athletes, people!

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, into the ass

Although it originated in the East, yoga has caught on in the West. Soccer moms, college students, and city yuppies alike seem to enjoy this break from the stresses of life. But there are techniques, and this isn’t one of them.


Serious practitioners work on their asanas all the time. Maybe this photo caught them halfway to enlightenment. Or maybe their method isn’t so bad, it’s just a trick of the camera. In any case, it looks pretty awkward from here!

This volleyball team is a lot closer than anyone thought…

When you play a team sport like volleyball, it’s important to show your teammates that you’re there for them. It’s a competition, but it’s not just for you. When things get dicey, there’s always someone by your side. Support is key, and the players know that.

Get it, girls!

But what exactly is going on here? A photo shows a strange moment with a more intimate slap than we expect. This can’t be real, can it? No, no, it isn’t. Angles are everything in this art form. And volleyball is still pretty clean fun!

I can’t believe she made it this far without a head.

Gymnastics may look like a bunch of glitter, but these competitors are top athletes. Their bodies are pure muscle. They are absolutely aerodynamic and have fans who know exactly how hard they work to reach the Olympic level.

Beautiful legs though

But look at this girl. Without a skull, a brain, or a neck, she doesn’t seem to be able to do it. Is that a ghost? A zombie gymnast? No, it’s just an unlikely photo capturing a strange contortion in mid-air. That’s a relief, isn’t it?

Riding the opponent is a new, inspiring Judo technique

Judo is the art of gently forcing your opponent to defeat you through clever tricks. Originally a Japanese martial art, it has evolved into an international sport. It is safe to say that this movement was never part of the original set of rules here.

Ride ’em cowboy

The fans didn’t care though. It seems that the blue-robed gentleman is so superior that he can take a break and just ride his challenger. He holds his fingers in the air to show his confidence. It’s a great photo, at least for one person in the photo.

This friendly slap was a little disturbing for everyone involved

Quickness is an important part of basketball, a trait that is often overlooked in favor of size and the bounces that come with it. But if you’re able to run around your opponent and snatch the ball away from them, you have the advantage. Reaching for your butt, however, is against the rules.

Get consent first!

Should it be? That’s for you to decide. But right now, it’s really not an accepted practice. Number 52 just has to deal with the trauma of this photo making the rounds on the internet: it’s funny, and it’s not going away.

This girl is ready to beat any attacker on the rink

As a hockey player charges forward, he has no idea what awaits him. All along, a woman has been standing in the wings. Fists in gloves at the ready, she is not amused by intruders. This is the moment a camera caught the action.

She attacc

He gets punched in the stomach, as this photo shows. Luckily he’s wearing all the protective gear. In hockey, players really have to be able to take a beating. He’s prepared. And then there’s the redeeming fact that this woman is part of a commercial. Gotcha!

Little League was, for some, the nightmare of their childhood…

Baseball is a source of good memories for most. But there was some tough stuff back then, as some remember. Here, a camera caught a very big ouch in action. This kid will probably be able to remember this moment in vivid color!

No kids for this boy

In the professional leagues, a ball can travel at nearly 100 miles per hour. This is definitely not Wrigley Field or Fenway Park, and it’s not the World Series. If the ball was even half that fast, it would probably need an ice pack. Still a great photo though!

The chaos in this photo is elegant in its own way

Step back and observe. There’s a lot going on here: the ball is flying through the air. A leg shoots up and tries to grab it. A face gets in the way. All in all, this photo is a big mess. Hopefully, the people involved survived it!

Not the face!

Football is played on a soft, green field. That dampens the impact of some of the more extreme aggression in the game. But there’s no way to avoid it here. Both parties will be pissed tonight. We, on the other hand, will have a laugh all evening.