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CALPAK Luka carry-on luggage

But for real guys, she’s helped us work through our emotional baggage…we can trust her with our carry ons.

CALPAK’s carry-ons are stylish, but just interesting enough to be eye catching (in a good way). They come in three fun colors, so you can decide how flashy you want to be. We think the black ones look expensive, the gold ones look glam, and the silver ones will have folks in the terminal thinking you’re next flight will be on a space shuttle on your way to the moon.

Oprah's favorite things, CALPACK LUKA carry on luggageOprah's favorite things, CALPACK LUKA carry on luggage
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Noteable review: ‘I love this suitcase, perfect for a lady who likes to make a statement.’ — RAGG LADY

TRUFF hot sauce

We know Beyonce and Oprah hang out, and we always wondered if Beyonce was channeling Winfrey in her lead single Formation from 2016’s Lemonade when she said, and we quote: “I got hot sauce in my bag. Swag.”

Our suspicions were reinforced when Oprah gave her blessing to TRUFF hot sauce two years after the album dropped (we suspect she didn’t want to steal Beyonce’s thunder). Coming in a sleek gold-and-white box and running $30+ a bottle, it really is flash-worthy swag — the Hèrmes Birkin bag of the hot sauce world.

Worth. Every. Penny.

Oprah and Beyonce, TRUFF hot sauce, Oprah's favorite thingsOprah and Beyonce, TRUFF hot sauce, Oprah's favorite things
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Noteworthy review: “What can I say? The packaging is cool, the hot sauce is sublime! I live for the black truffle version, but this white-truffle-infused limited release is slightly sweet, slightly exotic and every bit as delicious. Put it on everything.” — OPRAH HERSELF (this is not a drill).

Wilder Mustard Trio

While hot sauce might be having a moment, it is no match for the undisputed king of condiments: mustard.

Wilder’s Mustard Trio includes three delightful flavors (jalapeño, sweet & hot, and classic) and is reportedly Oprah’s favorite mustard. We bet the whole thing’s got the execs at Grey Poupon losing sleep. They seemed a little prude anyways.

This mustard is so good, it’ll have you thinkin’ outside the hot dog. Try it on a sandwich, in a salad dressing, dying your dress with it, in some deviled eggs…endless possibilities.

Oprah's favorite things, Wilder Mustard TrioOprah's favorite things, Wilder Mustard Trio
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Noteworthy review:thanks Oprah for turning us on to this amazing product. I am ordering more for all my friends for Christmas…it’s THAT GOOD….Five stars!!” — Lance

Bartesian mixed drink maker

After a long day, you come home and kick your feet up. There, during that quiet moment in the privacy of your own home, you think to yourself: What would Oprah do? She’d make herself a premium craft cocktail — and she’d probably use a Bartesian to do that.

It’s great for hosting too. Just imagine when your friends come over…YOU GET A DRINK! AND YOU GET A DRINK! As an audience member, we can say with confidence we’d be impressed (and trust…we’re a tough crowd to please).

oprah favorite things, bartesian mized drink makeroprah favorite things, bartesian mized drink maker
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Noteworthy review: “Full disclosure, I own a bar. Keeping all the mixers on hand and fresh to make this variety of drinks is a tall order…The convenience of having this at home with all the flavors premixed is hard to beat.

The drinks are surprisingly tasty and well balanced cocktails. Initially, we were worried that they might be too sweet, an issue that plagues most off the shelf pre-mixed ‘cocktail mixes’. These are not too sweet.

The variety is great and they are dead simple to use. Very pleased.” —OkieDoc

INIU portable charger power bank

Ever get that sinking feeling that your phone’s going to die and you might not be able to charge it? Always happens at the best times too, like when you’re hopelessly lost in a foreign country.

This lightweight portable charger gets your battery life in the green 40% faster than standard chargers, can charge phones multiple times per battery life, has a built-in flashlight, and let’s be real…the light-up paw print alone is worth the money. So go ahead…take a victory lap around the world and live your best life.

oprah takes a picture with fan, oprah's favorite things, INIU Portable Charger, 10000mAh Power Bankoprah takes a picture with fan, oprah's favorite things, INIU Portable Charger, 10000mAh Power Bank
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Noteworthy review: “This thing is amazing & I’d give it 20 stars If I could!! You will NOT be disappointed! My phone was at 48% & I plugged this in & in 45 minutes it was up to 100% with plenty of charge left in the charger bank!! I plug it in at night after I use it and it’s fully recharged in a couple hours & has awesome light to show you how much it’s charged. It’s flat & fits in my purse or pool bag perfectly. The quality is fantastic & better than any other bank I’ve owned!!” — shayk

Prepara herb savor

Fresh herbs really kick up the quality of any meal — but because they’re always used in small amounts as a garnish, most of the bundle goes bad before you can get through it.

Oprah’s not about that waste, which is presumably why Prepare Herb Savor is on her list of favorite things. This little gadget can double or triple the shelf life of fresh herbs, so you don’t have to make pesto every time you buy some basil.

oprahs favorite things, Prepara herb savor, oprah cooking at homeoprahs favorite things, Prepara herb savor, oprah cooking at home
Photo via Oprah’s Instagram

Notable review: “Saw this at a friends house in Florida. She liked them. I have 2 of these. One for cilantro and basil. They are great. Keep my herbs for about 2 weeks or more. Have never been able to do that here in Oklahoma” — JBA

BAGGU reusable tote bags

Just because you want to be eco-conscious doesn’t mean you want to haul around ugly, flimsy, cheaply made totes in public. Oprah doesn’t, and you shouldn’t have to either.

BAGGU reusable shopping bags are good quality, and come in a variety of stylish colors and prints you’ll want to bring to the store…and maybe elsewhere too.

At only $12.00 a pop, you can pick a few different designs to match your style. They also easily fold into a compact pouch, helping you always have them on hand (and dodge the judgmental looks of other shoppers at checkout because you make a quick, unplanned trip to the grocery store). CLUTCH.

BAGGU reuseable tote bags, Oprah's favorite thingsBAGGU reuseable tote bags, Oprah's favorite things

Noteworthy review: “I now have turquoise, blue, green, purple, red, and black, and you wouldn’t think you’d get compliments on grocery bags, but even the cashiers ask me what brand they are regularly. Even the colors make me happy when I see them by the front door. If you want to live minimally, with beautiful, simple, multi-functional pieces, don’t bat an eye about purchasing many of these. “ —Ann M. Karmol

The party game that proves she’s down

There’s only one way the Queen of Class could have stumbled upon this: game night with Martha and Snoop Dogg (at least that’s what we choose to believe — don’t take that away from us).

Even though we assume Martha smoked both of them in this game, the ever-gracious Oprah appreciated the experience and generously put her stamp of approval on this hilarious party game that gives Cards Against Humanity a run for its money.

Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid party game, Oprah's favoritesDrunk, Stoned, or Stupid party game, Oprah's favorites
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Noteworthy review:But the best part about playing this game is the personal element that it adds to game night, which is unlike any other game I have played.” — Steph

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow kit

Celebrities have been going bananas over Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow grooming products for a hot minute, including the likes of the Kardashians, J.Lo, and yes…Oprah.

Oprah has endorsed Anastasia’s brow magic for over 20 years, when she invited the owner as a guest on her show way back in 1998, and it’s probably fair to say she wouldn’t keep plugging them for that time if she didn’t both love the product and use it to keep her own brows on fleek.

oprahs favorite things, Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow kitoprahs favorite things, Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow kit
Image via GIPHY

Noteworthy review: “This the best brow kit I have ever tried, I do care a lot about my eyebrows “I have thick dark brows with big eyes”

Using the full eyebrow stencil helped me to get the perfect shape

The powder and brush work just perfect, I use this daily and I receive a lot of compliments on how perfect my eyebrows are =)” — Huda

Nature’s Hangout window bird feeder

Amazoners love starting their day with a warm cup of coffee, watching their feathered guests enjoy breakfast right outside their window sill.

Though there’s no guarantee that the birds will pitch in on housework à la Snow White, we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Oprah had a whole flock just waiting for her to let them inside and show her what they can do.

natures hangout window bird feeder, oprahs favorite thingsnatures hangout window bird feeder, oprahs favorite things
disneyf0rlife via GIPHY

Noteable review: “I have had the feeder up for a couple of weeks now, and I have one female cardinal in particular that loves it! Because of the location, it does not get the bad weather or winds. This cardinal spent hours at the feeder today – not even eating! Just hanging out with me. I love this feeder!” — Karen

Euro Ceramica Inc. 16-piece dinnerware set

When you’re having the ‘bamas over for dinner, you’re going to need some elegant dishware.

We’ve never met them, but we get the impression Barack is pretty bougie (Michelle seems down to earth though). That must be how Oprah came across this charming dishware set which effortlessly merges festive and fashionable. Even if you’re not hosting the POTUS, do it for yourself.

oprah's favorite things, euro ceramica spanish dishware setoprah's favorite things, euro ceramica spanish dishware set
Vera Anderson via Getty images

Review highlight: I absolutely love these dishes. I love all the colors and the design, it makes me smile every time I pick up one of the pieces.” — BB1313

Death Wish Coffee

Ever hit that point where drinking coffee only makes you more tired? Oprah’s got you.

Death Wish Coffee packs twice the punch of your garden-variety cup of joe. It’s perfect for those days when she runs her 2 million-person book club (sidenote: can you believe she made book clubs cool again?), pass a bill through Congress, then run across town to accept an honorary doctorate from Harvard (which is the most impressive type of degree).

Also great for sweating at your desk and talking your co-worker’s ear off.

Bonus: The packaging is so METAL. We always had a feeling she was a big Black Sabbath fan.

oprahs favorite things, death wish coffeeoprahs favorite things, death wish coffee
Jordin Althaus via Getty images

Noteworthy review: ‘I’m sold. I bought this to keep me alert and focused at work. By my second cup I no longer needed a keyboard or mouse, as I was able to control my computer directly by thought. By the third cup I could hear colors and smell sounds. After my fourth cup, I decided to burn off some of the excess energy with a quick jog, and ended up finishing the Kessel Run in 11 parsecs flat!’ — Erick W

YnM stress relieving weighted blanket

Remember how great it felt to be swaddled up in a blanket when you were a newborn? If not, we assure you, it was pretty great. It feels safe, and safety is calming.

This assertion is actually supported by science, and weighted blankets are commonly used to reduce anxiety, depression, and insomnia in the medical and psychiatric fields.

YnM weighted blankets have a cult following on Amazon, averaging 4.6 stars out of a whopping (close to)  9000 reviews. But you don’t need 9000 people telling you what’s good and what’s not — Oprah’s nod of approval speaks for itself. 

oprah's favorite things, YnM weighted blanketoprah's favorite things, YnM weighted blanket
Hindustan Times via Getty images

Noteable review: “Were you also thinking of taking your dutch oven game to the next level? this blanket will take you straight to the big leagues this holiday season. Buy it for you and your wife and make her regret every night sleeping with you, forever.

Also helps me sleep a bit better.” —Amazon Customer