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• Dry brushing destroys toxins

• Dry brushing can diminish cellulite

Your skin is one of the most important parts of your body. As expected, keeping it clean is one of your top priorities when you wake up. With many creams and devices out there, it can be overwhelming at times. Some people will go overboard and try everything in the cabinet. To them, having so much going on can lead to stronger results in cleanliness. When they step outside, the looks they receive are priceless.

One form of cleaning gaining buzz today is dry brushing. It’s precisely what you’d expect it to be, too. Using a simple brush, you’re brushing your skin like it was your hair. This is often done before hitting the shower. Dry brushing may seem odd for many individuals. Doing this in the locker room after the game could have people asking if you’re okay. Strangely enough, there are a handful of benefits with dry brushing.

Chew on this

It might not seem noticeable, but dry brushing can aid our digestion. We’re not talking about eating the bristles after you’re done brushing, either. The lymphatic system is filled with lymph nodes, which combats diseases. Following brushing, these nodes are stripped of dangerous toxins. New nutrients need to be sent to replace these toxins before disaster strikes. When we eat, our digestive system is working overtime to hand out nutrients like free samples at the mall. This process also gives your kidneys a break in their daily routine. With a plethora going on, those organs will thank you later.


This isn’t the only way your lymphatic system can benefit from frequent dry brushing. Blood circulation can range from great to poor. With a poor one, the lymphatic system would have a hard time destroying toxins when they arrive. If you’re not down with sipping detox drinks as a substitute, diseases will easily overthrow you. Dry brushing makes blood circulation run smoothly through your entire body. With a better blood flow, toxins have a better chance of being eliminated more quickly. It also makes it easier for you to avoid those pesky detox bars opening down the street.

The fight for cellulite

One of the most embarrassing physical conditions is cellulite. This is the appearance of dimples on the thighs and belly due to the subcutaneous adipose tissue. For women, cellulite is a common yet upsetting problem. 93% of women around the world will deal with cellulite at some point in their lives. Remember those evil toxins mentioned earlier? Well, they’re back with a vengeance, and they’re making it hard for ladies choosing a dress.

To toxins, the subcutaneous adipose tissue is Tom Brady going for a Hail Mary on 2nd and ten on the last play. They pounce on the tissue, which causes it to expand the skin. With dry brushing, the subcutaneous adipose tissue gets rid of those nasty toxins, which will make the skin normal. While the toxins don’t get destroyed immediately, they’ll eventually meet their maker in due time. Afterward, ladies won’t fear to wear their favorite dresses.

One of the most embarrassing physical conditions is cellulite

Toxins won’t be alone with their time comes to an end. Dead skin is a simple part of having healthy skin. On average, people can shed millions of dead skin cells and still have enough for another run. Unfortunately, keeping dead skin cells around can lead to problems such as hair loss and smelly feet. Dry brushing will speed up the process of removing dead skin cells from your body.

With dry brushing, you’ll be able to refresh your body in the most peculiar way possible. Don’t expect to win over the locker room crowd with your newfound expertise, though.

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