You can’t put baby Yoda on the list

Finding the person of your dreams can be one of the toughest challenges ever. Some will have a better shot at winning the lottery. When you discover the right person, though, it leaves you with a fantastic feeling. With some courage, you decided to pop the question. Waiting for the answer can be a nerve-wracking moment. Fortunately, they didn’t drive off and move to another country. As they speak that one three-letter word of acceptance, your fear turns into joy.

When it comes to the forthcoming wedding, one of the most important things is the registry. There’s not one married couple who hates getting free stuff from their guests. This is basically you screaming, “Give me all of the things right now,” without actually saying it. These are some practical items to add to your wedding registry. If your guests choose to not get one of these things, it might get awkward at the after-party.

Getting the kitchen ready

Some of the most common things placed in the registry are items for the kitchen. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a few backup utensils if things break. Getting forks and knives might be nice, but there are a few kitchen items worth getting.

Many people get groggy in the morning without their morning coffee. A nice coffeemaker will do wonders to combat those 6 a.m. rides. With many coffeemakers on the market, it can be a feat to grab the perfect one. Some of the best ones have a special indicator to let you know when it needs cleaning.

In recent years, traditional ovens have been discarded for toaster ovens. These devices will bake your food in a quicker fashion and take up little space. Aside from getting your pizza done quicker, you’ll save a ton on your monthly electricity bill. Fortunately, the rotting traditional oven will be the subject of tales told to your kids.

Tired of using a fork or your fingers to mix frosting for your cake? A hand mixer is crucial for baking those delicious sweets for guests. While most hand mixers are ideal for right-handed individuals, some of them are perfect for both hands.

Some help around the house

Doing laundry can be a hassle when you can’t find your own laundry! Your favorite pair of socks didn’t just make a break for it. Many times, people throw their stuff around the bedroom. Having a nice laundry basket can help you keep everything in order before heading to the laundromat.

After a while, your beautiful carpet will be covered in dirt, hair, and other particles. You might not see it at first, but it can be a problem if left unattended. A vacuum is vital in making your carpet spotless. If you don’t want to make a sound, place a low-noise vacuum cleaner in the registry.

If you’re late, you’ll throw on your suit and make a mad dash. On your journey, you might come across a slew of wrinkles. This can dampen your mood at a business meeting. A travel steamer can remove those wrinkles in no time.


Peepholes are becoming more obsolete thanks to technology. If you’re tired of checking the door, a smart doorbell is a charm. With this device, you can see who’s outside the door with your smartphone. You can also unlock the door with your phone. This is perfect for avoiding those annoying in-laws and salesmen.

With many places to register, your guests can easily grab most items in one trip. Fortunately, they won’t feel their wallets taking a hit with reasonable prices across the board. With a ton of new gifts, you’ll be able to kickstart a new chapter in your life.

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