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It’s not a resolution to make more resolutions

If you’re reading this article, congrats! You’ve made it through another 365 days of the good and bad moments of everyday life. Leap year people are lucky to experience another exciting day of ever-changing situations. With New Year’s Eve, everyone’s looking to bid farewell to the year in their own way. Some party into the new year with their closest friends at a local dive bar. Others take a well-deserved sleep through the whole shebang.

With every new year, people make resolutions to improve their lives and chase down dreams. These resolutions can be as simple as cleaning the dishes more or to stop eating cookie dough. While many tend to drop resolutions within days, others keep at it for surprising results. We look at a handful of resolutions perfect for anyone to make and hopefully keep! Let’s hope you manage to hold onto these for as long as you can.

You still have your health, right?

When it comes to drinking, many people avoid water like it’s their aunt who gives horrible wet kisses. A lack of water can lead to problems such as unhealthy skin, dehydration, and bad breath. Take time to drink more water.

Bring more vegetables and fruits in your daily intake. In a report from the CDC, 90% of Americans aren’t consuming the right amount of fruits and vegetables. Without these foods, you’ll run the risk of having issues such as heart disease or scurvy. While scurvy sounds like a cool pirate name, this can lead to weakened bones and tooth loss.

“Giving up smoking is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. It’s also the one getting broken the most. For many, smoking is a part of them like their senses or their weird hairdo from the salon. While it’s difficult, you’ll be able to breathe better and live longer after your last cigarette.”

Smoking can be dangerous, but it’s not as life-altering as drinking alcohol. Unlike smoking, drinking alcohol hinders your senses, which can cause you to do unexpected things. Putting down the bottle will leave you healthier. More importantly, it can prevent a serious accident behind the wheel.

Let’s make lots of money

Everyone attempts to save money, but they always get derailed by bills and surprise fees. One major problem involves the amount they try to save weekly. Instead of putting up a huge amount, stash away a reasonable quantity. In no time, you’ll be able to have a decent amount of cash for emergencies.

If you’re in the mood to really save money, move to a cheaper area. With less money to spend on rent, you’ll save more than enough in no time. Some of the cheapest places to live include Mississippi and Missouri. Mississippi has three-bedroom homes on sale for only $500 per month.

With the rise of subscription services, several of them probably eat at your bank account. You spend $13 on Netflix, but you probably haven’t watched a film on the service in months. To save cash, get rid of services you haven’t used in a long time.


After a long day at work, many people will head to the restaurant for a nice meal. Too many visits can take a huge chunk of your paycheck, though. Instead of constantly ordering rare steak, cook at home. You’ll save money and become Gordon Ramsay at the same time.

Have a plethora of things you don’t need in your life anymore? You can hold a garage sale and get rid of them for money. The best time to have a garage sale is during the spring. If you’re trying to avoid competing sales, hold it at the end of fall.

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