More and more people are realizing that meal delivery services keep you out of busy stores, save you time, and offer nutritious ingredients. Whatever your reason for signing up, we have the top rated services, and the reasons why they’re the best.

Blue Apron

Photo courtesy of Blue Apron via Instagram

When it comes to meal delivery services, Blue Apron is the one that started it all. Their service extends worldwide, as hundreds of thousands of people receive meals from Blue Apron. They choose between eight recipes a week, and accommodate many dietary restrictions. You can also shut off the service, in case you head out of town for a week.

  • Healthy and fresh ingredients – Meal planning can be difficult and time consuming, and who’s to say your body is getting everything it needs? Blue Apron has this in mind, as their meat is hormone and antibiotic free, and their produce is harvested by local farmers who are committed to sustainability. There’s plenty of vegetarian options too.
  • Price breakdown – If you’re thinking about cooking at home, one of your goals is probably to beat the cost of a meal out, or ordering in. Whether you’re looking for two meals a week for two people, or four meals a week for a family of four, it breaks down to somewhere between $7.50-$10 per person, per meal.
  • Required cooking skills – If you’re a new chef, or giving this service a try because it gives step-by-step instructions for each recipe, this might not be the meal delivery service for you. Although meals take between 25-45 minutes, they’re complex. Seasoned cooks will love it, as you’ll be working with ingredients you may have never used before.

Home Chef

Home Chef built a different, but similar model as Blue Apron. According to their website, they can serve 97% of the US population, and are growing fast. Home Chef is more “user friendly,” in that they have a variety of meals catered to cooks of all skill levels, and customers have more control over portions and ingredients.

  • Healthy and fresh ingredients – Home Chef has many options when it comes to ingredients. There are far more recipes to choose from (up to 40), and users can mix-and-match their ingredients, or toggle with the size of their portions. Want double the meat, but the same amount of potatoes? Home Chef is your choice.
  • Price breakdown – Home Chef offers such a variety that they come in as the cheapest, and most expensive option. You can order ingredients for a recipe cooked in a slow cooker, and get several meals out of it, or order finer meals for special occasions. At it’s lowest, the price comes in around $6.99 per serving.
  • Required cooking skills – With so many options, cooks will have a choice of whether they want an easy meal, or more of a challenge. Meals range from complex, to one-pan dinners, to oven-ready meals. They even have special packages for grilling.


Don’t know how to cook? No problem! Freshly is designed for those who don’t understand why the kitchen is the most social room in the house. You’ll be microwaving yourself to chef stardom in no time! And the best part is, Freshly doesn’t skimp on nutrition.

  • Healthy and fresh ingredients – You’d expect a pre-packaged, microwavable meal to be frozen, and loaded with preservatives. Well, that’s just not the case, as Freshly meals have no gluten, artificial ingredients, preservatives, or refined sugars. They’re also protein heavy, and light on the carbs.
  • Price Breakdown – For all the convenience and time saving that comes with Freshly meals, the price breakdown makes it a little more expensive. Depending on how many meals you order in a week, the price comes out to $7.99-$12.50 per person, per meal.
  • Required cooking skills – Are you able to push buttons on a microwave? Great! You’re qualified to prepare a wonderfully delicious Freshly meal. Their menu also includes options for soy free, low calorie, and vegetarian meals.


Meal services are a fantastic way to simplify your life, but what about breakfast, snacks, and milk? We’ve included a couple home grocery delivery services to round out your nutritional needs. The first is AmazonFresh, and we’ve broken down what we like, and don’t like about them.

  • Healthy and fresh ingredients – In 2017, Amazon bought Whole Foods, ensuring that they have some of the freshest ingredients money can buy. They have thousands of products to choose from, including specialty items from local butchers and markets. They even have some products for your home, like toilet paper.
  • Price breakdown – AmazonFresh is exclusively for Amazon Prime customers, who pay a $12.99 monthly fee for services. You can actually order groceries for quick delivery (under two hours) for an extra fee. But if you can wait, and spend more than $35, your delivery is free!
  • Delivery details – AmazonFresh groceries can be packaged with ice and cold packs if you order something perishable. However, their service is designed with the working person in mind. You can schedule your deliveries between the hours of 7 a.m. – 9 p.m, to make sure you’re home when your fresh groceries arrive.


Instacart, like the name implies, can solve more immediate needs when it comes to grocery shopping. They have drivers on standby, ready to take your order and hit one of your local favorites. You can even communicate with your “personal shopper” through their app.

  • Healthy and fresh ingredients – One of the nice things about Instacart is that their “shoppers” buy the groceries you want from the retailer you choose. Love that produce at your local Vons, or the meat at your local Walmart? Instacart shoppers will get whatever you want.
  • Price breakdown – For a one-time use of Instacart, orders have to exceed $10, and you’ll have to pay a delivery fee that varies based on the size and cost of your order. If you pay for the annual membership ($99), then you won’t have to pay a fee as long as your order is more than $35.
  • Delivery details – As we said before, Instacart is more than capable of making same-day deliveries, and in some cases, within an hour. As long as “shoppers” are available, you can receive orders between 9 a.m. – midnight. Don’t need your groceries so fast? That’s fine, as you can place your order six-days prior to your delivery date.

Avoid the store, take back time in your life, and stop worrying about getting all the nutrition you need for a balanced life. These services give you all three of those benefits, so we have to ask: What are you waiting for?!