One of the worst things about getting old is—well, getting old. Everybody wants to stay young forever. To some, our actual age doesn’t really give the impression of how old our bodies truly feel. Fortunately, there’s a fascinating way to determine how old you’re actually aging.

Test It Out

Telomeres, which are in your chromosomes, are the main reason why we get old. For years, the usage of telomere testing at home has been growing in the United States. Normally seen in online stores, the test material can dig deep into your aging process.

Those that are looking for one will have to dig deep into their wallets. They normally run from $500 to $1,200.

Discovering Your True Age

Telomere tests work by simply placing some saliva or a drop of blood into the kit. The device determines your age from your own lymphocytes. The overall score determines your body’s true age.

“The higher your telomere score, the ‘younger’ your cells are and the younger you are. In other words, telomere length is a great indicator of how rapidly you are aging relative to a normal population,” said medical expert Bryce Wylde. The end result might also force you into changing certain habits. Those that are young but have older cells will have to eat healthier.

Some Disbelief Is Present

As expected, some people call these telomere tests completely fake. Others believe they should be dealt with only in the proper hands. “The telomere belongs in the clinic and should not be used as a form of molecular palm reading,” stated clinical director Mary Armanios.

Is it honestly worth getting your telomeres checked out? Elizabeth Blackburn, who won the Nobel Prize for her work on telomeres, says the choice is yours. “I see no harm in it, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot. You could be long one year and short another year. We know enough about telomere maintenance to know the kinds of things that we can and should do,” she told The Guardian. In the end, you should feel comfortable in the skin you’re in no matter how old (or young) it may seem.