It’s no secret that the right drink can drastically alter our emotions! Whether you’re looking to mellow out or get pumped, there are beverages for every occasion capable of boosting or leveling your mood. These are five fantastic drinks to indulge in when you’re feeling joyful, worn-out, or anything in between!

Calm: A Glass Of Good Wine

Wine is the perfect drink to indulge in when you’re feeling chilled-out or are on the hunt for some inner-peace! This crisp beverage has been proven to be incredibly relaxing. And if you’ve got some anxiety, settling down with a glass of wine might help you mellow out!

Energetic: A Yummy Margarita

While margaritas can bring some gnarly headaches with them, they are sure to put you in a party mood! A margarita is a great option if you’re looking to loosen up, get hyped, or build some stamina to dominate on the dancefloor! If you’re in the mood to celebrate for no reason, you can’t go wrong with this beverage.

Indecisive: A Rum & Coke

Deciding what to drink when you’re craving alcohol but are unsure of what to prepare order can be difficult. Luckily, it’s nearly impossible to regret drinking a Rum & Coke. Whether you’re feeling fantastic or miserable, the satisfyingly sweet drink is a solid option for ending your day on a hearty note!

Sad: A Cheery Cocktail

Cocktails are a mixture of many ingredients and are often crisp and uplifting. As such, they are a perfect pairing with a long, distressing, or downright depressing day. They are so spirit-boosting that science has proven a correlation between cocktails and happiness across all ages and genders! Don’t be afraid to wash away a bad day with one of these beverages.

Hungover: Bloody Mary

Unfortunately, wild nights of alcohol indulgence seem to have a way of catching up with us. A Bloody Mary is a brilliant way to fight your hangover due to its glucose-lifting simple sugar content. And it still packs in a pick-me-up punch to get your day started!