Have you ever wondered, “Am I crazy because I talk to myself?” Don’t worry. You’re not! It’s normal to talk to yourself, and it’s actually a good thing. According to a recent study, talking to yourself is a sign of a higher level of intelligence. So, if you talk to yourself, you’re actually smart!

How The Study Worked

Scientists at Bangor University conducted a study with 28 participants. The participants were given instructions to either read aloud or quietly to themselves, whichever they feel most comfortable.

It might be surprising that scientists determined the individuals who read aloud were more concentrated and read more effectively than the ones who read silently to themselves.

So, It’s A Good Thing?

Yes, it’s a good thing to talk to yourself. Lead researcher Dr. Paloma Mari-Beffa determined that people who talk to themselves are more in tune with themselves and their surroundings.

She added, “Even if we talk to ourselves to gain control during challenging tasks, performance substantially improves when we do it out loud.”

When you talk out loud, you’re listening to yourself. You’re listening to your thoughts, and you focus more intensely on the task at hand. This is common with athletes, who credit talking out loud helps them focus on the game in front of them.

Now, why would that ever be considered a bad thing?

Happy With The Results

Scientists aren’t the only ones who are happy with the study’s results. Once revealed to the general public, people began sharing their thoughts on social media. Many were thrilled that they weren’t crazy after all.

“I do it all the time and was starting to get looks from people while at the grocery store,” one user tweeted.

So, if you find yourself having a conversation with—well, yourself—don’t stop. Keep doing it. You’re actually smart! Everyone else might think you’re crazy, but keep telling yourself, literally, that you’re okay.