Emotional Exhaustion

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If you’re suffering from emotional fatigue, you’re likely experiencing a plethora of disconcerting symptoms. These may be unsettling to focus on, yet acknowledging the signs of a mental burnout is the first step to treating it. These are five common symptoms which may indicate that emotional exhaustion is plaguing you!

Sudden Emotional Outbursts

Many who are in extreme emotional pain struggle to be honest with themselves and others about their feelings. However, when emotions are bottled up or suppressed for long periods, they eventually boil over. When this happens, it can result in spontaneous sobbing or shouting over insignificant events. “The straw that broke the camels back” remains true when you’re mentally exhausted!

Severe Detachment Or Numbness

Sometimes, an individual’s mental health may become so difficult to manage that they detach from how they’re feeling. This results in a blanket of mental numbness that stunts their emotional responses to situations in their lives. If they are unable to respond to events in their life with any emotion, whether sadness or joy, their emotional circuit may be blown!

Anger, Frustration, Or Irritability

It’s easy to get irritated about little issues when you’re under an immense amount of stress. It’s likely that your frustrations surround situations which you don’t usually consider bothersome. However, when you’re emotionally fatigued or overloaded, even the slightest issue can feel impossible to cope with. Being stuck in a chronic state of emotional exhaustion is enough to cause anyone agitation!

Personalizing Emotions And Experiences

People who are suffering from emotional exhaustion have the potential to develop an enlarged emotional ego. They may begin to believe that the world is out to get them and personalize negative events as attacks against them specifically. This type of self-centric, catastrophic thinking often leads an individual to feel lonely, misunderstood, and even more worn out!

Severe Lack Of Motivation

Mental exhaustion can cause sufferers to lose motivation to excel in their workplace, hobbies, or relationships. Someone who is emotionally drained may feel too tired or worn out to complete a task. Others may feel like the pressure of life’s little struggles is overwhelming and see no point in trying at all. Either way, having a hard time getting motivated is a major indicator of a mental burnout.