In Touch Parenting

Everyone has an opinion on how you should raise your child, but wouldn’t you like a source more authoritative than your aunt or your neighbor? In Britain, a 70-year study was conducted on the life course of a group of children. Now that the children are well into adulthood, parents who did key three things have proven to be most successful.

Reading Is Fundamental

Reading should become a habit and pastime shared with parents from birth. Children who are used to reading are much better performers in school because reading comprehension is a key aspect of modern learning. Performing better in school builds confidence and often leads to higher paying jobs and a higher quality of life as an adult.

When parents read to and with their children, they spend quality time and strengthen their relationship.

Be There For Your Child

From the second they are born, children need consistent quality time with their parents. They shouldn’t feel the need to compete with other people or things for their parent’s attention.

Parents play a big role in helping children develop their self-worth, so it is important for parents to make their child feel listened to and understood, even when he or she is just a babbling toddler. Allowing the child to express themselves with their parents as a captive audience makes the child know that they are important. This can be the difference between someone who is a go-getter and someone who is afraid to take chances in adulthood.

Put The Kids To Bed

Sleep is essential to the mental and physical development of a child, and children crave a structured life.

Setting a strict bedtime and making the child stick to it is one of the most beneficial things a parent can do. Successful parenting is attainable for all parents.