First impressions run quite a bit deeper than people realize. It isn’t just about what your personality is like, but what people first notice about your face. It’s not subjective. It’s science. Psychologists agree that these five things are what people will pretty much always notice in new faces, even if it is subconscious.

Feelings, Feelings, And More Feelings

One of the first things we notice when me meet a new person is their emotional state as it comes across through their face. If someone has a constant grin, is always rolling their eyes, or has their eyebrows lowered into a scowl, people pick up on that right away. Even if those emotions are not accurate, someone new will read it as such.

Are They Blushing?

It isn’t so much about blushing but the redness of the face in general that people notice when they first meet a new person. Evolutionarily speaking, there are advantages to a person’s face having a reddish hue. That is likely the reason we are so prone to pick up on it. Redness indicates health, or to put it bluntly, if a person is “ripe” or “unripe.”

A Baby Face Is Hard To Miss

Babies are almost if not always assumed to be innocent and kind, and most people are naturally drawn to them. Again, it’s not about personal preference. This is an evolutionary trait, being drawn to babies. Because of that, when a person has a baby face, we notice, and we assume that person will be kind to us.

I Know That Person

Humans also have an instinctual preference for what is familiar to us. In general, a familiar face makes us happy, so we notice it straight away. That’s why we tend to have the urge to tell a new person when they look like a celebrity or even someone we know. It even bothers us if we can’t figure out who that new person reminds us of.

What A Chiseled Jawline

Attractiveness may be subjective, but from a scientific perspective, humans tend to find other humans who look healthy more attractive. As such, whether or not a person has a fit, healthy-looking face is one of the first things we notice about a person. Healthy equates to being someone we want to get to know better.