Many males don’t think too much about what actually happens inside their bodies. Many times, they’ll often hear about the negative aspects and receive warnings from their doctors. Fortunately, there are some amazing occurrences taking place right now. Here are five interesting things that can happen in a male body.

A Rare Infection

Yeast infections have been linked to women for decades. Men are also able to contract this condition, but their cases have been rare. Some conditions for men facing yeast infections include a broken immune system and bad hygiene. A string of over the counter medications can help relieve this pain.

Brains Of The Operation

When it comes to who has the bigger brain, men come out on top. This doesn’t mean that men are automatically smarter, though. “We found that men’s brains are larger than women’s and our analysis suggests this is the reason for lower average general intelligence across a range of tests,”  Dr. Dimitri van der Linden said.

May You Stay Forever Young

Men have it easier when it comes to aging gracefully over time. With high testosterone levels, men can easily look younger at an older age. High levels make their skin 25 percent thicker, which slows down the appearance of wrinkles. Women, however, are able to live a bit longer than men.

Nursing The Youth

Ever since birth, you were taught that only women could produce breast milk. Shockingly enough, men have the ability to produce their own milk. One man in Sri Lanka managed to do it for his two children back in 2002. Times are indeed changing, and we can soon see more father looking to help out. “Soon, some combination of manual nipple stimulation and hormone injections may develop the confident expectant father’s latent potential to make milk,” physiologist Jared Diamond said.

Different Point Of View

If you place a man and woman in front of an item, they’ll see something completely different. Men are known to see colors in a different way. “Across most of the visible spectrum males require a slightly longer wavelength than do females in order to experience the same hue,” said professor Israel Abramov.