Women apply makeup to enhance their attractiveness and look younger. The smooth skin and smoky eye will attract a mate, right? Maybe not. Most women don’t realize that by wearing makeup they can actually damage their skin and cause other health issues. Makeup contains toxins, harmful chemicals, and bacteria. It can lead to breakouts, too. Here are five important reasons to leave off the makeup.

You Will Get More Sleep

According to experts, most women spend more than thirty minutes a day on their appearance. Whether you spend 15 minutes or an hour on your makeup application, or on removing your makeup, wouldn’t you rather get more sleep? Most adults require 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night. Lack of sleep makes for irritability, poor decision making, and moodiness.

Your Face Will Be Cleaner

Makeup brushes and sponges harbor bacteria, and every time you apply makeup that bacteria is transferred to your skin. Viruses can stay on lipsticks for weeks. If you share makeup, you are especially at risk for getting bacteria on your face. Bacteria not only cause illnesses like herpes simplex or the flu, they also cause pimples.

You Will Look Younger

Although many women feel that makeup makes them appear younger, it actually does the opposite. Foundation and blush settle into wrinkles and make them look deeper. Most makeup application requires rubbing and pulling the skin, which breaks down capillaries and actually causes wrinkles and redness. This is especially true of the fine skin around the eyes.

Your Skin Will Look Less Dry and More Smooth

During the day, the skin cells on your face should be sloughing off and getting replaced. Makeup interferes with that, causing dryness. It’s especially a problem if a woman doesn’t remove her makeup before going to bed. Also, the fine particles of foundation and blush clog pores, causing them to look bigger and more unsightly.

You Will Lessen the Chances of an Eye Infection

Mascara and eyeshadow can make your eyes more noticeable and your eyelashes look longer and thicker, but at what price? Most eye makeup contains preservatives which can cause pink eye (conjunctivitis). Allergies to eye makeup may cause other eye issues like swelling, dryness, redness or itching. Mis-application of mascara can also cause abrasions to the cornea.