makeup wipes

Neglecting to remove makeup can clog pores and cause premature wrinkles. That’s why so many makeup users view makeup removing wipes as a life saver. Wipes make makeup removal quick and convenient but are they beneficial for the skin? According to the latest advice from dermatologists and makeup experts, makeup wipes are damaging to the skin.

They Irritate The Skin

Makeup is designed to be vibrant and to remain on the skin even when external force threatens to remove it. Hence, removing makeup is not an easy feat. Regardless of the instructions on the pack, wipe users often firmly and vigorously rub the scrape against their faces.

Vigorous rubbing of any sort is irritating to the delicate facial skin, and it is only made more damaging because of the fine fibers wipes are made out of. According to the FDA, most wipes are made of cotton, polyester, wood pulp, or rayon fibers. These materials can literally dig wrinkles into the skin.

They Make Your Face A Petri Dish

The active ingredients in makeup wipes work to remove makeup rather than cleanse the skin. Makeup wipes will not remove bacteria or dirt. The wipes smear dirt, makeup particles, and germs all over the face.

To put that into perspective, it’s like using a vacuum cleaner that scatters dust around rather than sucking it up. The lack of cleansing properties is especially problematic for people who use a makeup wipe rather than washing their face, which is not recommended by dermatologists or wipe manufacturers.

What To Use Instead

The best way to remove makeup is to wash your face. Use micellar water or a lotion or gel-based cleanser designed for makeup removal.

This process cleanses and removes makeup simultaneously. Don’t forgo the health of your skin for convenience.