Dating in the 21st century is complicated, confusing, and often a bit painful. Trying to find your dream partner in such a massive pool of people can be intimidating. However, it isn’t all dependant on luck, and you may be surprised at all the steps you can take to attract a positive, healthy, and uplifting relationship. These are five steps you can take to snag your dream partner!

Stay Authentic To Yourself

Ultimately, a perfect partner has no room to thrive in your life if you’re not confident in your personality around them. Being yourself straight off the bat rather than trying to put on a facade of what you think they’d like will save you grief in the long-run. When you’re sure of yourself and stay authentic, your confidence will shine through, attracting people who want to continue to elevate your self-esteem and well being.

Don’t Rush Into It

The idea of finding your soulmate may keep you scrambling to track down the ideal date. However, they likely won’t be handed to you on a silver platter. If someone is truly meant to be with you, your relationship won’t evolve overnight. Patience goes a long way in relationships, and a good partner will be willing to stick out through the long-haul and do the work to grow with you. Showing a willingness to take things slowly will attract those who are truly up for a serious, committed relationship!

Maintain Your Independence

Relationships can be an oasis of love and support, yet when they become co-dependent, resentment and emptiness can often follow. If you go into a relationship looking to be “complete,” you’re more likely to attract people searching for the same sense of fulfillment. However, a sense of wholeness can’t be built around another person, and a draining relationship might follow. To find a partner who is whole, autonomous, and truly ready for romance, you must focus on achieving this mindset yourself.

Be Willing To Work

Maintaining a positive relationship takes plenty of hard work, and if you’re rushing to find love and/or are not up for the task, it’ll show. If you are looking for an easy romance fix, you’ll tend to attract people searching for the same, and might struggle to find someone ready to truly commit and support you. And if you don’t plan on putting in work to maintain a healthy relationship, it’ll be obvious to those around you…and might drive away people searching for a genuine connection.

Be Positive, But Not Naive

We’d all love our dream partner to come out of nowhere and sweep us off our feet. However, it’s rare to find someone without faults and flaws. No, Mr./Mrs. Perfect doesn’t exist…but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth your effort. Besides, perfect is boring, and being willing to embrace flaws while also recognizing one’s positives/potential will help you stay practical but optimistic. And over time, this mindset will attract people with the same positive yet realistic views…and help you culture a strong and patient relationship!