fast food

Rewind 100.7

For decades, fast food has always been there when we need a quick bite to eat. We know it’s not good for you, but we still grab a burger and some fries anyway. These five fast food items, however, had the potential to do serious damage to your body.

Worst Upgrade Ever

In 2009, Japan launched a Windows 7 Whopper at Burger King. The massive burger was actually a collaboration with the Windows 7 release that year. With seven patties, this burger was a disaster waiting to happen. Fortunately, they discontinued it and chose to not dish out a new one for every Windows upgrade.

The American Way

Hardee’s wanted you to experience an Independence Day BBQ with the Most American Thickburger. The behemoth featured hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato chips. While the thought of those three items combined sounded great as a kid, it’s a different story as an adult. With 1,030 calories, this one burger fulfilled most of an average 1,200 daily intake. Coincidentally, Carl’s Jr. offered the same exact burger at the same time.

Got The Sauce

Over the years, sriracha sauce became a rising trend for sauce fanatics. In 2015, Burger King decided to cash in with its Extra Long Sriracha Cheeseburger. This burger alone brought in a 1,210 mg sodium intake. On average, a person should only have under 1,500 mg of sodium in their system daily.

The French Would Not Approve

One of the things Sonic is known for is their hot dog selection. In 2015, they unleashed the Croissant Dogs, which had a bun with a croissant vibe. Aside from a has Croissant Dog, they also had the Bacon Double Cheddar version available. This installment had more than half of the calories and fat from its regular counterpart.

Doubling Down On Calories

Those with heart issues stayed far away from Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Double Down. has, the sandwich packed an astronomical 540 calories. The thought of a sandwich where chicken fillets were used as bread made people sick. While it’s been discontinued in the United States, several countries overseas still sell the item.