Spending time in an airport while you’re traveling is not cheap. It’s inevitable that you will get hungry, so spending money on food is almost a given. If you’re trying to pass the time, you might even be spending on clothing or other such items. The average American spends $141 dollars each time they find themselves waiting in an airport. Basically, it’s an open money pit, and in order to avoid it, you have to come prepared. If you follow three simple rules, you can easily bypass all that spending so you save your money for things you truly want.

Pack Correctly

Come prepared to the airport, particularly if you know you have a medium to long layover. That means bringing empty water bottles and snacks from places they are reasonably priced, like from the grocery store. Another thing you have to be sure not to forget are the chargers for your electronic devices. At the airport, those items are unbelievably marked up.

It’s also important to remember to pack electronic devices like e-readers (or books) and a laptop or tablet with downloaded media, so you’re occupied and not tempted to walk around and purchases unnecessary items. Remembering to pack all of these things will save you loads of cash at the airport.

Buy A Lounge Pass

If you’re at the airport expecting to wait for several hours or more, it might be worth it to invest in an all-day lounge pass, which is usually around $50. Many airlines provide their own lounges that are away from the hustle and bustle of the mall-like atmosphere. They include very comfortable seating, wi-fi, plus plenty of food, snacks, and beverages, sometimes even alcohol, that are included in the price.

Spending hours and hours at the airport, you are bound to get hungry and thirsty. If you’re there long enough, even packing snacks won’t be good enough. You might be better off going into the lounge, as what you would spend on food, beverages, and internet just bumming around the airport could easily exceed what you’d spend at the lounge, and you’ll be much less comfortable.

Take Advantage Of What’s Free

Lots of airports have miniature art or museum exhibits, children’s play areas, and even live music at times. You might have to walk a bit to get to where it is, but having something do to that is free, including walking to and from the free options available, will be time well-spent.

Do some research ahead of time about the specific airports where you’ll be spending time because there’s likely a bunch you don’t know about that will ultimately save you money.