It’s hard to buy gifts for others, especially for a bridal or baby shower. You don’t know what the person wants unless they have an online gift registry. You want your gift to be thoughtful, personal, and memorable. But how do you know where to begin? How much should you spend on your gift? Just in case you’re worried about the details, we have all of the information right here. It’s time to shop!

For your family and close friends

For your best friends and family members, it’s okay to splurge on the shower gifts. Spend up to $100 (if possible) on a variety of gifts. Choose gifts that are more sentimental to the bride or mom-to-be. You know your loved ones, so you should know their interests and what they want or need. Don’t be afraid to spend more on a meaningful gift that your friends and family members will appreciate. Every time your friend will use the gift, she will think of you. She will be reminded of your friendship, and that’s always worth the extra money.

For your co-workers or acquaintances

While you might know your co-workers, you’re probably not best friends with them. You’re not expected to splurge on their shower gifts. It’s okay to spend $15 to $25 on a gift. It’s also appropriate to buy a gift off of the bride or mom-to-be’s online gift registry. You don’t have to feel guilty for spending relatively little on gifts for people you don’t know very well. They will still appreciate your gift, but you don’t need to blow your budget on the shower gift. Spending $25 will be just fine.

For your casual friends

Maybe you haven’t seen an old college friend for years, but she invites you to her baby shower. You were close in college, but you’re not best friends. Or, maybe a friend at church is getting married. You know her interests and you are considered friends. For these individuals, you don’t have to spend $100 on the shower gifts. Instead, it’s okay to spend between $40 to $50 on a gift. Put some thought into the gift, but you don’t have to spend as much money as you would on a best friend or family member. Save that money for the next bridal or baby shower.

Ways to save money

You can buy great, appreciative shower gifts at an inexpensive cost. You can even split the cost of a gift with another friend or family member and say the gift is from both of you. This can help you stay under budget while still providing an essential gift to the expecting mother. She won’t even notice (let alone care) two people shared a gift. In addition, you can search for coupons while shopping for shower gifts. If you notice a nursing pillow costs $40, you don’t have to spend that much money on the gift. Instead, search for a sale or apply a buy-one-get-one-free coupon. You can buy an additional gift for the shower and save some money, which is always a good thing.

Have you ever considered making a homemade shower gift? Yes, it helps to have some crafting skills, but homemade gifts are always more sentimental than something you buy from a store. It’s also often cheaper to make a gift. You can knit a baby hat or crochet a blanket. You can make a picture frame for the couple’s wedding photos. Homemade gifts are meaningful, and your friend or acquaintance will appreciate the gift so much more because she knows you made it with your own two hands.

But the best way to save money on a shower gift is to give the bride or mom-to-be a basket filled with a variety of items with a shared theme. For example, you can put together a “bath time” basket filled with baby lotion, shampoo, towels, washcloths, tub toys, and more. You can put together a “kitchen supplies” basket for the bride, filled with cups, bowls, utensils, and more. Your friends will need these items and you can find inexpensive products. Putting together a basket with an assortment of gifts will make it seem like you bought more, even if it was at a lesser cost.

Look at the registry

The bride or expectant mother made an online registry for a reason, so it’s important to review the list before you purchase a shower gift. Maybe your friend already owns a mixer or baby crib. She wouldn’t list those items on the registry. Instead, she would list what she desperately needs for her home. She might need dishes, utensils, bath towels, bedsheets, and more. You would only know these essentials if you look at her registry.

Make your friend or loved one’s life easier by buying (or making) something she really needs for her home or baby. The bride or mom-to-be made the registry so guests know what she wants. While it’s okay not to buy the exact gift on the registry, you should still use it as a guide to choose the best gift for your friend’s big day.

How to package the gift

You bought the perfect gift, but how should you package it for the shower? If no one specifies otherwise, wrap the gift. However, if the bride or mom-to-be asks you not to wrap the gift (because it could delay the opening process), you could always place the item in a gift bag filled with tissue paper. Your bride or expectant mother is already stressed. Make her life easier by following her instructions. If she asks you not to spend too much money on a gift, listen to her. If she asks you not to wrap it, follow her directions. After all, the party is for her. Make her happy and let her enjoy her special day. Buy her a gift she will appreciate, but remember that she will enjoy your attendance most of all.