Social media has become a staple of our everyday lives. Yet it can take a massive toll on our relationships, especially romantic ones. While social sites may seem like the perfect place to track the greatest parts of your romance, constantly scrolling, posting, and throwing away hours online can be incredibly detrimental to true interaction with your partner. From preventing real-life conversation to invoking unnecessary envy, these are five ways social media can ruin your relationship.

Distrust And Jealousy

Do you feel a pang when someone comments something flirty on your partner’s posts? Or wonder who they might be communicating with online? Social media offers a medium of connection with people who you may not necessarily interact with in real life. It can leave room for doubt about who your partner may be talking to, resulting in paranoia that may cause rage and arguments. This insecurity can cause a major shift in relationship stability, shattering the trust and honesty that relationships are built on.

Envy For Singledom

Most people on social sites go out of their way to make their lives look appealing and attractive, and this can invoke plenty envy in friends and followers. So, when single people post pictures of themselves traveling the world, casually dating, taking themselves to brunch and more, it can make relationships seem incredibly suffocating. It may spark envy for their imaginary perfect singledom, leading to a split.

The Illusion Of The “Perfect” Relationship

Hey, no relationship is perfect…but don’t tell the internet that! On social media, people tend to post the most appealing parts of their relationships. However, every couple fights, argues and struggles with their own problems. Trying to live up to the standard set by social media may make you feel as if your relationship is invalid and inadequate. Attempting to achieve an impossibly stellar relationship can crush the life and passion out of a real connection.

Three Letters: T.M.I.

Are you sharing too much of your relationship online? While you may want to share some cute, treasured, picture-worthy moments online, it’s not necessary to post about the vulnerable, intimate parts of your relationship. Offering up too much info on social media may lead your partner to distrust you and be hesitant about sharing things with you. Parts of your relationship should remain between you and your partner, and keeping certain things sacred is necessary for trust and intimacy.

Less Real-Life Interaction

It’s no secret that less interaction with your partner can be damaging. Yet, did you realize that social media may be sucking your time with them away? When you’re constantly focused on your screen, you’ll likely struggle to connect with your partner in real life. Getting lost scrolling through social media means you’re likely neglecting your partner’s presence…and it’ll reflect in a weakened bond.