Have you ever been forced to have a meal inside of a toilet stall? For many breastfeeding children of working mothers, this is a daily reality. Recently in Indonesia, someone concerned for the well-being of a friend and her child performed a unique breastfeeding experiment. It certainly opened their eyes to the many issues breastfeeding mothers face in the workplace!

Battle Of Breastfeeding At Work

For breastfeeding women in the workplace, finding a quiet and “appropriate” place to use a breast-pump can be extremely stressful. Many new mothers are forced to take drastic measures in order to pump and store their breast milk. Recently, one mother’s unique yet concerning location she found to use her breast-pump at work inspired a fascinating social experiment.

A Concerning, Jaw-Dropping Solution

When Andre Tujuh’s close friend gave birth and began breastfeeding, what should have been a celebration quickly turned into a stressful experience. While she had no issues with breastfeeding at home, she faced a new challenge at work: finding a place to pump and store her milk. In order to cope with the issue, she was forced to hole up in an unsanitary place to pump—and Tujuh could hardly believe where.

Horrifying Conditions For Children

The new mother had to resort to using her breast-pump in the public bathroom of her office building. While it may sound disturbing, the lack of spaces for working mothers to pump force many to find small, cramped, and germy places to pump their milk. Tujuh felt that it was unfair for these mothers to have to face such unsanitary conditions. Soon, he developed an experiment to show just how upsetting conditions for workers who are breastfeeding can be!

A Fascinating Social Experiment

During the first week of August, Tujuh and friends set up a new “restaurant” in an office building. They invited human resource workers to bring their children to try out their eatery. However, when the parents stepped into the doors of the restaurant, they were instead greeted by a cramped, noisy bathroom! Many of them were confused, disturbed, and downright appalled by the atmosphere. However, when the truth was revealed to them, they were ashamed.

Making The Workplace Mom-Friendly

Once their meals had concluded, a video popped up on the bathroom mirror explaining the reason behind the fake restaurant. It told them that less than 40% of office spaces in Indonesia have breastfeeding rooms and that most mothers are forced to feed their children in bathroom stalls. Tujuh’s experiment certainly rattled many HR workers. Hopefully, it will lead them to advocate for breastfeeding spaces in the workplace. Watch the experiment here.