Everyone smiles differently. From flirty smirks to toothy grins, smiles speak nonverbal communication to others. Humans enjoy a real, genuine smile. Many individuals claim they are attracted to someone because of their smile. Why is this? A smile goes a long way and that much is true for sexual attraction.

Smiling Is Attractive

Smiling has been consistently linked to a person’s attractiveness. People tend to feel attracted to someone’s online dating profile because the individual is smiling in a profile picture. But why are we attracted to a smile?

In a 2013 study, researchers presented participants with photographs of various individuals and asked them to identify the most attractive one. Participants chose individuals by “the intensity of a smile expressed on a face.” Additionally, participants commented that a happy smile could “compensate for relative unattractiveness.”

The Importance Of A Smile

Psychologists have proven in recent reports that “smiling is a way we connect with other people.” People often convey their real, authentic emotions in their faces and a smile communicates more than just happiness. It sends hidden messages to other individuals, immediately comforting a friend or loved one.

Experimental psychologist Marianne LaFrance commented, “Smiling is so central to our feeling of comfort in the world that, when you’re unable to smile, we are made uncomfortable by that.” People enjoy seeing and making others smile. It’s a way to connect but also helps reassure others in relationships.

Happiness Is Attractive

In a Canadian study, participants were shown the same member of the opposite sex in four different poses—happy, proud, ashamed, and neutral. Participants were asked to rate their attractiveness and both men and women participants were attracted to the individuals wearing a smile on their face.

People enjoy being around “happy” people who love to smile. These individuals add humor and a fun twist to life. They are comforting, playful, and enjoy small adventures. Happiness and its signature smile are undeniably attractive. Don’t focus so much on your hair and makeup. Work on your smile and put on a happy face.