Dusty Saunders

Everyone knows that exercise, in any form, has a positive impact on one’s body. Hitting the treadmill, pumping some iron, or simply going for a walk can drastically transform your health across time. However, everyone’s least favorite exercise is the one that reaps the most benefits!

Why Exercise Is Extremely Essential

In the long term, exercise is essential to keeping the body healthy. Those who regularly exercise enjoy benefits such as weight loss, low blood pressure, and increased energy levels. But, it isn’t only the physical form that benefits!

A good work out can be remarkably impactful on one’s mental health. Exercising causes the brain to release endorphins, which substantially boost mood. A regular workout routine also inspires focus and alertness and can relieve symptoms of depression. But, when trying to experience these benefits, which workout is best?

The Most Popular Exercises (And What You Should Be Doing Instead)

The most popular form of exercise in the world is cardio workouts: walking, running and bicycling. These types of exercise are easily accessible and are praised for their positive impact on the heart. However, when it comes to overall health, cardio doesn’t top the charts!

Instead, every avid exerciser’s highly dreaded “leg day” proves to be incredibly brain-healthy! While it may leave you feeling sore, leg workouts are impactful in some surprising ways.

The Insane Benefits Of Leg Day

A recent scientific study set out to understand the impact of immobility on the brain. The results showed that neural stem cells decreased drastically when leg movement was restricted. Skipping leg day could literally be killing your brain cells!

The brains of those who exercise their legs also tend to exhibit fewer signs of aging. Interestingly, cognitive decline slows down when you have strong and healthy legs! Leg day may be easy to skip when you’re considering the soreness that will follow. However, you may not want to pass over the brain-boosting exercise in the future!