It’s the most wonderful time of the year— but maybe not for the health of your skin. Winter time is filled with harsh elements. While you are dashing through the snow, your complexion could be taking a serious beating.

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

The cold can do some serious damage to your skin, causing your complexion to become dry, irritated, and even irritated. The solution? Making a simple change to your skincare regimen.

If you haven’t implemented a moisturizer into your skincare routine, now is a perfect time. Keeping your skin hydrated is key to a smooth, glowing complexion. But not all moisturizers are created equal.

Are You Reading Labels?

Face moisturizers are usually categorized as oil or water-based. Although those who suffer from dry skin think that reaching for an oil-based moisturizer is the ticket to smooth-sailing skin, it may have the opposite effect.

Although oil-based moisturizers provide ample hydration, they do not allow the skin to hold onto that much-needed moisture as a water-based product would.

A Heavy Product Does Not Equal Excessive Hydration

What do you do when your body is feeling dehydrated? You enjoy a refreshing glass of water. The same remains true for your skin. Although water-based moisturizers are lighter, they help your skin hold onto moisture more effectively. The result? Glowing, radiant skin.

The lightweight formula of water-based moisturizers also helps to prevent breakouts due to clogged pores.

“Applying a water-based moisturizer helps your skin lock in moisture and replenish nutrients. And since water doesn’t stick like oil does, it prevents it from filling pores and causing breakouts,” stated Lana Pinchasov, a dermatology-certified physician’s assistant. It’s time to make the switch— and dive into smoother, softer skin this winter season!