Whether or not kids grow up to be entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial skills themselves are valuable in a variety of fields. These are not simply business skills, but some of the more subtle entrepreneurial tactics that build a foundation for all kinds of success. To properly prepare kids for the future, these five skills should be included in every school curriculum.

Building A Personal Brand

Teaching children how to build a personal brand is showing them how to think deeply about their values and who they are as people. Once they have that self-awareness, we can show them how to develop the skills to come up with a valuable product or service based on their natural self.

How To Fail (And Start Over Again)

Successful entrepreneurs must take risks. If those risks are calculated, then failure won’t hit quite so hard. We can help children understand this early on by teaching risk assessment to them in school. Failure on one project is not a reason to give up, but the potential for a new beginning.

Abundance Mentality

The standard business model of thinking tends to base itself on “scarcity thinking”—pushing others down to get ahead. On the contrary, “abundance thinking” is about creating something where many can benefit, rather than thinking there is a limited supply of success that must be hoarded. Teach this to children and change the world.

Creating A Valuable Product Or Service

Startups often fail because the need for the product or service was overestimated, the product is too difficult to mass produce, or the cost/price point was evaluated incorrectly. Students can be taught early on to develop methods to avoid these mistakes, instead of learning the hard way. These can be useful skills even if they’re not starting a business.

The Tools For Success Go Beyond Technology

Our world is rapidly and constantly changing. Students need to understand that they will always need to keep learning new things in order to keep up. Entrepreneurial success is strongly tied to continuous learning and trying new things, which often includes a lot of studying. Get them started with those habits in the classroom.