At the end of the day, being seen as beautiful boils down to much more than your physical features. Everything from the energy you give off to the way you treat other people can influence how good-looking you are in the eyes of strangers. These are five qualities, traits, and behaviors that are certain to make you more attractive to potential friends and partners.

Flashing A Smile

It may sound too good to be true, but something as simple as grinning can up your attractiveness immensely. Why? People who see your smirk experience an immediate sense of reward, causing them to feel fulfilled by being around you. It also biologically boosts your mood by releasing serotonin, and that uplifting energy will draw in positive people. Not too bad for a simple smile, right?

Pure Confidence

While you don’t want to come across as egotistical, exhibiting confidence in your appearance and personality can help you score big in relationships. When you’re feeling empowered, you’ll both feel great and put out positive energy, drawing potential friends and partners in. After all, it’s no fun to hang around someone who is wallowing in self-hate. Keeping confidence in your interactions is a great way to both appear attractive and feel uplifted. Win-win!

Dressing Uniquely

Think that sticking to a flashy, mainstream style will make you more attractive? Think again. People who dress obscurely and abstractly in comparison to the norm are often seen as attractive due to their memorability, whether it be through clothing, makeup, or hair. A unique style is sure to make your image stick in even strangers minds when you go out. They won’t be able to get you out of their heads, and it just may score you a new friend or new date.

Being Charismatic In Conversation

Having charisma in conversation shares best of your personality with other people, who will find you more attractive than a weak and timid conversationalist. Avoid complaining, let yourself be confident, and speak on your goals with optimism. Make sure that you also respectfully listen and give your full attention to others who may speak. Showing confidence and consideration will make those around you feel as if they can trust you, attracting them to get to know you even better!

Showing Kindness

Being kind and compassionate towards others may make you feel good, but it also makes you look pretty great! People tend to feel more attracted to those who are selfless, caring, and considerate, as someone who is uplifting will likely make a better partner or friend than someone who is mean-spirited. As far as being altruistic goes, it’s clear that one of the biggest traits when it comes to attraction, is someone who has a good heart and caring nature.