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Is your neck on the line at work? People usually don’t get fired suddenly except for outrageous behavior. These are a few of the signs that you’re creeping closer to the firing line: warnings, reviews, boss problems, and a weaker workload.  

Multiple Performance Reviews Or Warnings

Performance reviews and warnings are never a good sign. On the one hand, at least your managers are investing the time to correct your mistakes. They haven’t given up on you entirely. They may even want you to succeed. 

You should feel some tension creeping up your spine though if you get two or three warnings in a couple of weeks. Consider the type of boss you have. Is she always on top of people with corrections, or is she usually pretty laid back? If she’s normally laid back, watch your back!

Your Boss Talks To You Way Less

Once you get a feel for your boss, it’s best if they stick to their regular pattern of behavior. Is she talkative? Does she typically talk to you more or less than other employees? If you go from being one of the best buds to rarely being approached by her, it could be a bad sign.

Take some initiative to feel her out. Try to strike up a conversation. Hopefully, she isn’t curt or overly cordial. If she is, put your head down and focus on doing exceptional work until she starts talking to you more.

Fewer Projects or Impossible Ones

What’s your standard workload? It’s a good thing if you go from having fewer, less significant projects. It’s not good if you suddenly have fewer, less important assignments.

Management might intentionally overload you so that you make more mistakes. They could be looking for excuses to fire you. Take it in stride and do your best. If you’re noticing more than one of these warning signs, it might be a good idea to start forming an exit plan.