Living with anxiety is a stressful, exhausting experience. However, getting proper treatment can make a huge difference in the life of someone who is suffering. Still, this common disorder often goes undiagnosed, which can only worsen the symptoms over time. Here are five signs that you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder!

Constant Stream Of Negative Thoughts

People struggling with anxiety often have trouble seeing beyond obstacles and issues they are facing. They tend to think catastrophically and have a hard time imagining that things will work out in their favor. While pessimism can accompany any personality, extreme, persistent worry for the future is indicative of an anxiety disorder.

All-Day Exhaustion

Battling a mental illness is a tiring task. Something as emotionally draining as anxiety can take a major toll on your physical wellbeing! Symptoms such as fatigue and tiredness are staples of anxiety because your mind and body are constantly in a tense, hypervigilant state. If your discomforting thoughts are accompanied by feelings of exhaustion, you may be able to credit it to an anxiety disorder.

Frustrating Perfectionism

Being called a “perfectionist” may not be such a positive outlook on your efforts. Perfectionism comes with frustration over losses or falling short of what’s consider perfect. Constantly making an effort to raise the bar is not necessarily a good thing. A perfectionist who fails to do so may feel that they deserve to be punished or like they have failed on a monumental scale. This level of worry and self-deprecation are an anxiety disorder’s best friend!

Turning To Alcohol

Grabbing a drink after a long day can often feel like a blissful release. However, relying on alcohol to suppress your nerves and negative thoughts is an incredibly unhealthy coping mechanism. Whether you realize you’re doing it or not, binging on booze can signal major emotional distress in your life. You may be able to blame anxiety for your urges to reach for a bottle!

Flashbacks To Difficult Events

A big part of anxiety is worrying about the future. However, it is often worsened by the burden of painful, past events. A person may experience full-blown flashbacks or may simply find it impossible to get a negative event out of their head. If you are haunted by memory spells, there is a fair chance that anxiety may be pulling the strings.