Unsplash / Becca Tapert

Are you part of the 75% of couples who share a bed? If so, you’ll probably resonate with the results of a study conducted by The University of Keele. 58% of couples complained of weekly sleep disturbances because of their partner. Let’s dive into why that is…

1. Snoring

There’s nothing more enraging than being unable to sleep and having to listen to your partner’s ground-rumbling snores! It’s unbelievably frustrating.

If you’re guilty of snoring, get helpthere’s plenty of treatments out there. You could give your partner back as much as a whole hour of sleep!

2. Wriggling Around

Sleeping in the same bed as someone who’s continually tossing and turning is nothing short of annoying.

Whether you’re trying to get comfy or suffering from periodic limb movement disorder, where you move around two to three times a minute through no fault of your own, It’s a nightmare for whoever’s sleeping next to you!

3. Your Partner’s Mental Health

This one might surprise you. Did you know your partner’s poor mental health could drastically impact the quality of your sleep?

In 2016, the Journal of Behavioral Medicine conducted a study that showed partners are less likely to sleep when they’re worried about their significant other’s stresses!

4. Phones In The Bedroom

We’ve all been there, you’ve finally drifted off to sleep, and your partner’s phone’s gone off. Not only do you wake with a jolt, but you also have to wait for them to deal with whatever’s happening on the phone.

Top Tip: try turning off all your electronics before bed.  It’s not just the noise that disrupts sleep, but the blue light makes it difficult to get good quality shut-eye.