Significant Other


Sometimes, when we’re deep into a relationship it can be hard to recognize subtle signs of mistreatment from our SOs. Many are able to identify the physical signs of abuse, but what about mentally abusive relationships? These are five red flags that might indicate you are in an emotionally abusive relationship.

Your SO Isolates You

Do you feel a lack of connection to friends and family due to the grip your partner has on your life? If your social time is consumed or restricted by them, that’s a major issue. It’s very unhealthy to be cut off from relationships outside of your relationship with your SO. If they try to convince you that they’re all you need, they may be a manipulative partner.

Your Confidence Is Crushed

If something goes right, they find a way to belittle it; if something goes wrong, it is always your fault. Put-downs are a classic tactic of an emotional abuser. They’ll tend to shoot down your accomplishments, point out your flaws, and make you feel weak and unsure of your abilities. This is a way for them to control your self image and keep you trapped in the abusive relationship.

You’re Constantly On Edge

If you’re walking on eggshells to avoid disturbing or setting off your partner, this is a red flag that your relationship isn’t emotionally healthy. You may feel like you have to rework your personality when you are around them to meet unreasonable or minimizing expectations. If you don’t feel free to speak or act freely around your SO, there’s a fair chance you might be enduring emotional abuse.

They Keep Tabs On You

Do they police where you go, what you do, and who you’re doing it with? If your significant other must know where you are every second of every day, that is unhealthy. If you find yourself having to perform constant check-ins with your partner, there’s a fair chance they’re a manipulative SO.

They Frequently Gaslight You

If your partner distorts and alters your perception of reality, you may be getting gaslighted. This might manifest as them trying to alter your memories to erase wrongdoings they’ve committed in the past. As the self-doubting weight of their distortions piles up, you’ll likely feel more willing to go along with their gaslighting. This controlling, manipulative behavior is a major sign that you’re not in a mentally healthy relationship.