Sitting long hours at a desk has been known to lead to unwanted belly fat. Luckily, there are exercises to flatten your belly that can be done from the comfort of your own desk chair. They should not be a replacement for full workouts, but an added bonus for your core.

Toe Touches

With your feet flat on the floor, straighten your arms to shoulder-level. Rotate your upper body to the left. Bend over, touch your right foot with your left hand, and hold. Return to an upright position and repeat on the other side. Repeat at least 20 times for the best results.

Body Lift

Hold the arms or the side of a wheel-less chair tightly. Lift your body up so that your hips and legs are hanging in the air. Now lift your knees to your chest and hold the position for 15 seconds. Return to a sitting position in your chair. Repeat at least four times.

Knee-To-Elbow Lift

Sit up straight in your chair, but don’t touch your back to the chair. Place your hands behind your head. Raise your right knee to your chest while moving your left elbow to meet it. Return to your original sitting position. Repeat 15 times, then switch to the opposite leg and elbow.

Single Knee Lift

Sit up straight in your chair, making sure your back does not touch the chair. Bend your right knee and raise it up to your chest. Hold your knee to your chest for several seconds before returning to a normal sitting position. Repeat with the left knee. For the best results, you should repeat the entire exercise 20 times.

Double Knee Lift

Hold on to the sides of your chair with both hands. Make sure your knees are together and you are sitting up straight. Lift both knees up to your chest and hold for several seconds before lowering them to a normal sitting position. Repeat this exercise at least 20 times.