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We all know someone who loves LaCroix. And by love, I mean someone who has apocalypse-ready amounts of cases stored in their garage. Here are a few facts about the fizzy drink that even the biggest fans don’t know about.

Where It All Began

Believe it or not, LaCroix is from Wisconsin. But how can this be, with such a fancy name?

LaCroix (pronounced la-croy) was originally started in 1981 by the family-owned brewery, GE Heilman, out of La Crosse, Wisconsin. It got the “La” from La Crosse and the “Croix” from the St. Croix River, a tributary of the Mississippi River.

Behind The Colorful Design

While the flashy can is a staple of LaCroix, it wasn’t always that way. Back in 2002, the company that owns LaCroix decided to rebrand the drink to stand apart from other carbonated beverages. And boy, did it pay off.

Instead of letting everyone in the boardroom decide its design fate, the owners of LaCroix decided to put up their three best packaging labels to a vote. The current look won by a landslide and has become the most recognizable feature of the brand.

More Popular Than Pop

With up to 20 different flavors, LaCroix has surpassed soda in popularity. And it’s all because of millennials.

Nowadays, millennials are opting for healthier choices in beverages. They’re ditching added sugars, calories, sodium, and unnatural flavors for simpler ingredients. Even better, drinking LaCroix can actually help you kick your soda addiction.

With lots of carbonation and fruity flavors, LaCroix fills the void that sodas like Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew have left behind. Not to mention, LaCroix is mixing up their flavors, too. LaCroix branched out with LaCroix Cúrate, a product with more flavor in a slimmer, 12-ounce can. The new product comes in tasty flavors such as blackberry-cucumber, pineapple-strawberry, and cantaloupe-grapefruit. Cherry Coke, who?