When the music starts, you have to move your feet. Dancing helps people show their creativity and has become a ritual in certain cultures. Over the years, however, men can’t seem to get their two feet to work properly.

Swing Life Away

Decades ago, men used to dominate the dance floor. Swing dance was one of the most social things to do during World War II. Young people packed the clubs to dance their troubles away. Men were always seen as the kings of swing.

Following the war, things drastically changed. The club scene died over time, which meant less people were in the mood to dance. The “kings of swing” all took real jobs and focused on their families.

Getting Off Beat

One major reason for men to quit dancing involved the actual dances. Many of them, including swing, gave off a feminine vibe. Because of this, men have rarely been on the dancefloor for decades. Those that do take over the floor have found success as professional dancers. The one area that men felt safe to dance was Texas. “They’re all in their cowboy hats and cowboy shirts, with a beer in one hand and a woman in the other, and they’re dancing. It’s a very macho thing to do,” said dance professor Bill Evans.

As expected, science determined that the lack of dancing has led to folks being beat deaf. During a study, researchers discovered that many men are often off beat. “Most people had no problem, but the beat-deaf individuals were quite variable in their tapping — sometimes missing the beat by a large amount,” stated professor Caroline Palmer.

Show Off Your Moves

While men might not feel like dancing anymore, the ability is still there. Acts such as BTS and EXO have been wowing crowds worldwide with their moves.

Just like the old days, this ability can still impress the ladies. “A man who can dance will get the most attention at a party. A man that can dance is very well desired by women,” said dance teacher Rojelio Viramontez.