Most people imagine that food allergies trigger only dramatic, fatal reactions. While a great number do, there are some milder symptoms that may indicate that your body is rejecting a certain food. These are five subtle yet significant reactions to snacks and meals that may point towards a potential food allergy.

Feeling Lightheaded Or Dizzy

Do you feel lightheaded after chowing down on a certain food? That isn’t all in your head. It may be a result of an allergy to whatever you consumed. Don’t brush off consistent bouts of dizziness after consuming a certain food or meal, especially considering it could be the beginning stages of a more serious reaction.

Hives And Rashes

This one may seem pretty obvious, but if you develop hives after eating a specific food, it’s may be indicative of an allergy! Red bumps and eczema can be signs that a certain food isn’t sitting well with your system. If the rash spreads across your body, you should seek medical attention A.S.A.P. But if it’s just an annoying yet mild case of itching and redness, figure out what food might be causing it and get in to get tested.

Stomach Pain And Nausea

Bloating and tummy aches can be triggered by a number of things. Yet, if you notice a certain food seems to cause stomach pain more often than others, you might have an allergy. Stomach cramps and discomfort may be signs of either an allergy or an intolerance. Vomiting and nausea after consuming specific foods are also big red flags when it comes to identifying allergies.

Irritation And Itchiness

If you feel an annoying tickling in your throat after consuming something, it may be a good idea to get tested for an allergy to it. This sort of reaction may also manifest as a tingling of your lips or tongue, and even escalate to anaphylaxis, so it’s important to get help immediately if this feeling progresses. If it’s mild, still consider what foods may have triggered it and get into your doctor.

Cold Or Flu-Like Symptoms

If you start sneezing, coughing, or experiencing a runny nose after a meal, you may be allergic to one of the ingredients. These symptoms may seem to resemble commonplace allergy symptoms more than food allergy symptoms. However, a reaction including these traits may point towards a food allergy to whatever you consumed to trigger them.