More and more people are saying goodbye to their expensive cable packages, and choosing streaming apps in their place. With more options and cheaper monthly fees, we understand why. But if you’ve made this decision, which streaming will you choose?

Streaming apps are cheap, and offer so much

People tend to stick with their cable packages because they broadcast sports, news, and their favorite shows. But all of that is available via just a few streaming apps, at a fraction of the cost. Let’s take a look at a few different options to see which one is right for you.

Sling TV

For someone who very much loves their cable package, Sling will probably be the easiest transition into a streaming service. That’s because, like cable, they have add on channels, so you can customize your entertainment needs, and get everything you want.

  • How much does Sling cost? – Sling offers two different packages, one Orange and one Blue. Sling Orange is $30/month, while Blue offers more channels at $45/month. Add on channels typically cost between $5-$10 extra.
  • What does Sling offer? – Sling is the most like cable, in that you get 32 national TV stations with Orange, and about 45 with the Blue package. This means you’ll be watching live TV, which is unlike other applications.
  • What’s different about Sling versus other streaming services? – For those of you who are married to your sports, and CNN or Fox News, Sling is for you. Just about every major news network, and local news networks, are part of the package, and of course, the entirety of ESPN channels.


Hulu has a giant library full of movies and TV shows, and some of those shows are ones that are actually still running. Hulu is also a great option for lovers of TV shows that have been relegated to rerun mode, such as Seinfeld, and offers much more.

  • How much does Hulu cost? – Hulu is very cheap at $5.99/month, but with that subscription comes commercials. An upgrade to $11.99/month makes Hulu commercial free, with added live TV starting at $54.99/month.
  • What does Hulu offer? – Hulu offers a huge selection of TV shows, mainly sitcoms and dramas, and is a place where you can usually find the latest episode of your favorites. They don’t, however, offer CBS shows, as CBS runs it’s own content streaming service.
  • What’s different about Hulu versus other streaming services? – The fact that you can watch the final episode of Modern Family, or the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Saturday Night Live is what sets Hulu apart. it won’t be live, but to have that available is truly unique.


Netflix is the grand daddy of streaming services, as they started it all, and still hold the lead. You won’t find a bigger library of TV shows and movies, and Netflix is well underway in building it’s own content portfolio. You won’t get the latest TV episodes, but you’ll get just about everything else.

  • How much does Netflix cost? – Netflix has a very simple, and straightforward subscription model, as you’ll end up paying a flat $8.99/month. That gets you access to everything they have, commercial free. Want to be able to stream Netflix on multiple devices at the same time? That’ll cost you $15.99/month.
  • What does Netflix offer? – Netflix offers some old shows that you just can’t find anywhere else, such as Cheers, The Twilight Zone, and the Andy Griffith Show. They also have premium original content, such as The Irishman, and The Tiger King.
  • What’s different about Netflix versus other streaming services? – For starters, Netflix has one of the easiest, and most intuitive menus for navigating. That’s a good thing, because their library is enormous, bigger than any other streaming service out there.

Disney +

Disney + may be the new kid on the block, but they brought all of their friends with them. That’s right, the entirety of the Disney entertainment universe (with a few very rare exceptions) is available on Disney +, and only Disney +.

  • How much does Disney + cost? – Disney + is very affordable, at a cost of just $6.99/month. If you’re into Star Wars, or Disney’s animated classics (for the kids), then that’s a small price to pay for so much access.
  • What does Disney + offer? – You won’t find too much new content (The Mandalorian excluded) with Disney +, however, any time a new Marvel or Disney comes out it will be available to stream solely on Disney +.
  • What’s different about Disney + versus other streaming services? – Quite frankly, the only real difference between Disney + and other streaming services is the Disney library. But that’s quickly changing, as Disney gobbles up more and more content. They already got The Simpsons, and all 30 seasons worth (and counting!).


If Netflix is the grand daddy of streaming services, then HBO is the mother of streaming premium content. HBO has been creating it’s own content long before there was a Netflix, and they haven’t stop making groundbreaking TV shows, documentaries, and movies.

  • How much does HBO Go cost? – HBO Go is slightly on the expensive side, at $15.99/month. The good news is you’re buying something more akin to a TV channel, as they have dozens of new shows running right now (such as Westworld), and hundreds of old ones (such as The Sopranos).
  • What does HBO Go offer? – The best movies in Hollywood not made by Disney or Netflix typically land on HBO (or Showtime). That ensures a steady of flow of premium movies, while the network creates it’s own premium shows and documentaries.
  • What’s different about HBO Go versus other streaming services? – The quality of the content is the ultimate differentiation from other streaming services. Their shows are Emmy winners, and the movies they pick up are Academy Award worthy.

These are just a few of the plethora of streaming services to match your entertainment needs. With other favorites such as Amazon Prime, YouTube, CBS, ESPN, and Fubu (just to name a few), it’s best to put in some time researching which one is best for you. You’ll be saying goodbye to expensive cable like yesterday’s garbage.