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Summer is the perfect time for grilling, and in between all those backyard cookouts, you want to make sure you clean your grill to be ready for the next get together. Most people use a wire brush to clean away bits and pieces of leftover food and get those grates sparkling, but doing that could land you or your guests in the hospital.

The Dangers Of Using A Traditional Wire Brush

When you use a wire brush to clean your grill, it does do the job well, but there’s a price. It has nothing to do with bacteria or bad meat, and everything to do with the little individual wire bristles that make up the brush itself. Sometimes they can come loose and stick on the grill grates. The next time you lay your food on the grill, that wire can get cooked in it or on it.

Without realizing what’s happened, you or your guests could ingest the wire, creating all sorts of internal problems, like punctures to your internal organs.

Safer Cleaning Methods

You might be wondering how in the world you’re going to clean your grill if a wire brush carries such a risk. Fortunately, there are several alternatives. You can use balled up aluminum foil to clean your grill, in addition to a stainless steel coil cleaner, a pumice stone, or a scraper. If you don’t have any of those, don’t worry, there’s another option.

Take an onion and wipe it directly on the grates of your grill. The acid in the onion works to remove leftover food from your grill, leaving it clean for next time.

Worry-Free Grilling

If you do insist on using a wire brush, consider buying a strong magnet too. After you’re done cleaning your grill, run the magnet above the grates to pick up any bristles which may have fallen off. That way, you can get rid of them and have a happy and safe barbecue.

So enjoy your summer with friends and family, and remember to be mindful when cleaning your grill.