If it was up to everyone, job interviews wouldn’t exist. Unfortunately, your potential employer needs to know a few things before offering you that new job. There are five big ways that you can hurt your chances during the interview. Avoid them, and you’ll be hired in no time.

Money, Money, Money

Obviously, one of the many things you want to discuss during an interview is your salary. You should possibly hold off on that until you’ve been confirmed for the job. Bringing it up during the first interview can make you look as if you’re only about the money.

Call You Back

People will use their cell phone for pre-interview support from family and possibly giving them the great news. Deciding to answer a call or text during the interview is a huge red flag. This gives off the impression that the interviewer’s time is simply not valuable enough to you.

On The Dot

With so many people applying for one position, it’s in your best interest to arrive on time. Even if you’re five minutes late, the interviewer might automatically put you in the rejection pile. If you can’t even show up on time, how can they possibly think you’ll be punctual at your job?

All Suited Up

Coming into an interview with jeans and boots won’t give off vibes that you’re a top tier worker. There’s nothing interviewers loves seeing more than someone that can dress nicely. “Dressing up is a signal that you understand your interviewers are in the power seat. You’re showing respect; that’s always attractive,” said author Suzy Welch.

Lies Running Into Lies

There is nothing that can get you blacklisted from a business more than lying to your interviewer. During an interview, many people get caught by tripping over the lies they posted on their resume. Unfortunately, lying is still a common practice, with 85% of people doing it to land a job.