Most drivers know to warm up a car before driving in the winter, but most drivers are also doing it all wrong. What is the best way to warm up a car during the frigid winter months?

Conserve Gas

Many drivers get into the car, turn it on, and turn the heat all the way up. That process is counterproductive because it wastes gas and leaves passenger cold for several minutes. 

Rather than turning the car all the way on, simply put the key into the ignition and turn it. This will send oil to the engine, making it warm up without wasting gas. After about a minute, turn the car and the heat on. 

Conserve Energy

A car’s engine may not be a part of the A/C, but remember that your car is essentially a small box. All of the car’s parts are very close together, and the engine touches everything.

Trying to heat a car with a cold engine is like trying to start a fire next to ice cubes. The cold air from the engine makes the heated air going into the cabin feel colder. That’s why cars seem to be blowing out cold air at first even though the heat is on.

Heat From The Ground Up

Once the oil has seeped all around the engine, the engine is hot enough to drive once the car is started. Driving before this happens can damage the car in the long-term. A warm engine produces heat that makes the hot air coming from your vent even hotter.  Use science to keep you and your passenger warm.

As any middle school science student can quickly recall, hot air rises. Point the air vents towards the floor, so that the hot air can rise and fill the cabin. If vents are pointed towards the driver or passengers, warmth will be fleeting because it will dissipate when cold air from the floor rises up.