When you’re working a tedious nine-to-five job, you count down the days to your early retirement. You can’t wait to be financially stable to retire from your job and enjoy the last few decades of your life. But so many people focus on their financial independence that they are forgetting about the real goal of early retirement: happiness.

You Can Afford It

Many individuals worry about their financial independence when they reach retirement age (starting at 62 years old). We have good news for you. You can afford to retire early, even if you think you can’t. If you have ample money in the bank and saved your money throughout the years, you may be all set financially. Research some strategies to continue saving money during your retirement.

But if you’re worried about your financial independence, you may be missing the point of early retirement. You’re forgetting why you want to retire early and spend time with your loved ones. It has nothing to do with money.

Focus On Your Happiness

Many of us strive for happiness. We’re in the pursuit of happiness. Employees should plan for early retirement to be essentially free from any stresses. In your retirement, you will spend time with your loved ones. You might travel the world. You’ll enjoy your life after years of tedious work.

You can plan for early retirement to be free from your stressful job, but there are ways to begin planning for your happiness. In addition to planning for your financial security, you should also plan for happiness that lasts.

Plan Your Happiness

Start planning your happiness right now as you work towards the end of your career. Start living now and determine your long-term goals post-retirement. Will you find enjoyment by traveling the world? Will you move to another location, half-way across the globe? Are there hobbies you have always wanted to try but couldn’t because of your stressful job?

Think beyond your financial security and determine what will make you happy for the rest of your life. Work towards those goals, and plan an early retirement based on these dreams. If you’re able to retire early, your future will be freer than you’ve ever experienced.