The Dish

Unless a dish is listed as gluten-free on the menu at a restaurant, you can’t assume it is gluten-free. Many dishes contain gluten even when they may not seem that they would. Here are five foods to always stay cautious about if you’re eating gluten-free.

Burgers Can Sneakily Get You Into Trouble

It isn’t just the bun that contains gluten in a burger. Many chefs will use flour or breadcrumbs as a binding element, so ordering a burger sans bun does not automatically put you in the gluten-free zone. Some sauces that come with burgers can also sneak in a gluten product, so always ask about gluten if you’re ordering a burger.

What’s In That Soup?

Soups are not a safe bet either if you’re gluten-free and dining out. Aside from soups that clearly have gluten, like those with dumplings and pasta, it is not unheard of for broths to contain wheat. You can’t just check the ingredient list on this one. Ask the chef to be safe.

Don’t Save Room For Dessert

Desserts that are gluten-free come few and far between at most restaurants. That’s because most deserts contain flour, end of story. If there is a gluten-free option, it is likely an item made especially to be gluten-free. At least flourless chocolate cake is becoming more and more popular so that celiacs and those eating gluten-free might be able to use their sweet tooth.

Sushi Isn’t As Safe As You Thought

Rice is gluten-free, so sushi is generally thought of as a go-to for those avoiding gluten in their diets. Think again. Both imitation crab and many soy sauces contain gluten, two common ingredients in sushi. And while you’re out at a sushi restaurant, be aware that miso soup and anything with tempura may also sneak in some gluten.

Soy Sauce Can Make Chinese Food Off-Limits

Unlike sushi where the soy sauce is usually on the side, many Chinese dishes are cooked in soy sauce (which to repeat, is generally not gluten-free). Aside from soy sauce, many other sauces used in Chinese dishes utilize flour and other gluten products as thickeners, so those are not safe either.