Unfortunately, there isn’t a set period where you can eat all the turkey and stuffing you want before you start to put on weight. However, if you’re going to reset your body after binging over the holidays, there are things to incorporate into your post-vacation diet to help get back on track!

How Much Weight Have You Gained?

Let’s look at this logically, an extra 1,000 calories a day typically causes an extra two pounds of weight gain each week. Conversely, an additional 500 daily calories result in an extra pound of weight gain per week.

You’ll also have to consider how much you were eating before the holidays. Unfortunately, if you were restricting your calorie intake, you’re likely to gain more than we’ve estimated.

Advantages To Overeating

Believe it or not, there’s an exciting benefit to stuffing your face every now and then. Studies show that overeating for a few days causes your body to increase the number of calories it burns, i.e., it kickstarts a  temporary increase in metabolism.

However, this doesn’t always counteract the calories you’ve consumed, so you may still gain weight.

The Holidays Are Over – Now What?

Not to worry, you can quickly recover. Just go back to regular clean-eating and exercise. When you commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle, you’ll burn off any weight gain in no time. This doesn’t mean starving yourself, that’s the worst thing to do. Instead, try practicing calorie/carb cycling.

This means for five days of the week; you eat a diet of 1500 calories day. This should primarily comprise of Mediterranean-inspired food and constitute a ratio of 40/30/30 broken down into carbs, protein, and fat. Then for the other two days, indulge in a carbohydrate-themed diet, with a limit of 650 calories a day.