How do you know when you’ve met your soulmate? Is it how they look, how they speak, the expression in their eyes? Different experts give different opinions, but usually agree on one thing: when you meet someone who is a soulmate, you will have a feeling of calm and happiness, like you’ve come home. They are easy to talk to, there is no anxiety, and you understand each other immediately. Keep this in mind, though: a soulmate may not necessarily be a romantic interest. They can be a dear friend.

Feeling Familiar

The connection is on a deep level, a level hard to even express in words. Many people report that when they meet their soulmate it feels like they have always known that person.

Those who believe in reincarnation may feel they have met this person in another lifetime. Have you ever met someone and instantly it felt like you had known this person forever? That might have been your soulmate.

Growing Together

A soulmate nourishes you in such a way that you can grow spiritually and emotionally. When you feel safe and completely comfortable with another person, the feeling encourages you to grow as a person.

You might take a class together, or travel together, learn a new language, take up a new hobby – the possibilities are endless. The feeling of safety and security you have with a soulmate is unmatched, so you feel it’s safe to explore.


With a soulmate, most emotions are not casual, because the relationship is not casual. Their good characteristics feel terrific. Their flaws feel really dark – but you are not likely to let the flaws derail the relationship. With a soulmate, when challenges arise you feel more capable of dealing with them, and less like ditching the whole relationship. This intense connection helps to foster feelings of security, and those feelings (as mentioned above) enable real growth.

Finally, a real way to know if a person you’ve started a relationship with is simple: you can’t envision your life without them. They are so integral to your life, you feel like they are a crucial to your happiness and well-being. If you meet a soulmate, hang onto them! Those types of relationships are rare and beautiful, and they make life much richer.