Go for the lumberjack look! It’s healthy for you.

Quick Notes:

  • Beards act as a natural sunscreen

  • Beards help with respiratory conditions like asthma

  • Men with beards are better-perceived in the workplace than clean-shaven men

Growing a beard is a big decision. Although some men make it seem effortless, growing and maintaining a beard takes plenty of time and hard work. Health may not be the first consideration on a man’s mind when he thinks about growing a beard, but there are plenty of surprising health benefits to having a full beard. Although beards were once seen negatively, beards actually improve the way people perceive a man these days.

Growing a beard has health benefits

According to the American Lung Association, growing a beard is beneficial to the respiratory tract. Naturally, small hairs, called cilia, grow in the nostrils and the trachea. These hairs filter pathogens and other particles out of the air that is breathed in. A beard performs the same function on the outside of the body. Growing a beard is even recommended for men who have asthma.

Beards also protect respiratory health for men who are allergic to airborne particles like pollen and dust. This information does come with a word of caution. The fine hairs that make up a beard do trap harmful particles, but if a beard is not cleaned regularly, these particles will sit on the face and eventually be breathed in a higher volume than they would be otherwise.

Beards that are especially full around the mouth and nostrils are the most effective natural respiratory filters. There is less benefit if the beard does not reach these areas of the face.

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Growing a beard, especially if it is full and bushy, covers a considerable portion of the skin on the face. Depending on bone structure, some people are more susceptible to getting sunburn on the forehead and chin because both of those places jut out slightly. By growing a beard, men have a thick covering over their most sensitive skin. The beard blocks out the harmful radiation that comes from the sun.

Excessive exposure to sunlight is a serious risk factor for developing skin cancer, and studies have shown that men are more likely than women to die of melanoma, an aggressive, often metastatic, skin cancer. Especially considering that millions of men work jobs that require long hours outside, growing a beard can be a preventative health measure just as much as it is a fashion statement.

Bearded men are perceived better

The results of numerous studies have proven that people perceive bearded men to be older, influential, dominant, and competent. At one time, beards were associated with rebellion. As time has gone on, beards, tattoos, colorful hair, and a host of other social taboos have become more acceptable to the mainstream. Beards are even becoming more accepted in certain corporate settings.

Despite all of the fanfare for the Brad Pitts and Ryan Goslings of the world, studies have proven that the presence of a beard does not automatically make women think of a man as being more attractive. It only helps if the man is attractive with or without a beard.

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A wise man once said “your beard should have it’s own zip code”. Let it take it’s natural shape and the maintenance is easy… Three Tips for a healthy Three-Dimensional beard: 1. Only use a shampoo or face wash when it feels dirty. I use face scrub for the skin underneath daily. 2. Keep your testosterone high… if you are on a diet make sure you still eat a sufficient amount of fats. On a cut, fats take up 30% of my total calories. 3. Beard oil or balm, don’t overdo it unless you have dry skin! Bonus. Don’t trim every stray you see, a stray today is part of the beard tomorrow. Keeping as much hair as possible is necessary to get the 3D look. . . . . #beard #bearded #beardedman #beardstyle #beardoil #beards_model #beardbalm #beardcare #beardcaretips #beardarmor #haircare #menshairstyles #menshair #beardtreatments #beardstyles #shaving #wetshaving #jawline #fashion #mensfashion #brickwall #londonstreetstyle #beardinspiration

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A beard will not necessarily help or hurt a man in the dating department, but it can be of extreme benefit in the business world. First impressions rely heavily on appearance. Sometimes, there is a perception that men who appear to be younger are less competent. A well-kempt beard can help to fight those stereotypes.

Beards have a proven aging effect on a man’s appearance. Bearded men are also perceived as being more confident and of a higher social class. All of these prove true up to a certain point. Beards that are neat and tidy are viewed more favorably than beards that are very long, extremely large, or unkempt. At that point, men may be perceived as being sloppy or lazy.

Despite what naysayers may think, growing a beard has proven advantages when it comes to social interactions and health. Nevertheless, all of these positive benefits disappear when a beard becomes a dirty bird’s nest.

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