Cupping is a kind of therapy where jars are placed on the body to create a suction. It works well to get the blood circulating. People even say it feels a lot like a massage. Cupping dates back to ancient China and has lots of amazing health benefits. Here are five of those benefits which will likely make it pretty clear why you should give it a try.

It Can Relieve Pain

The most popular reason people use cupping therapy is for pain relief. Pressure is applied to points of pain and swelling on the body, increasing blood flow and providing your body’s tissue with oxygen and nutrients. Many people use cupping for back pain, migraines, arthritis, as well as to relieve pain that can accompany cancer. 

It Relaxes You

Some compare cupping to the likes of acupuncture. While it may not seem like a massage, it functions in a similar way, providing relief from stiff, tense, and sore muscles. Because cupping enhances blood flow, the pressure in the body is minimized, thus leaving your feeling like you’re getting a deep-tissue massage. It ends up being very relaxing.

It Helps You Heal Faster

The increased blood flow created by cupping is quite helpful in the body’s healing process, particularly with sore muscles and respiratory issues. For instance, cupping makes sure your blood is moving to help get phlegm and fluid out of the respiratory passages. That way, we get over the sickness a lot faster than we would have.

It Detoxifies Your Body

Toxins are always building up in the body’s tissues, especially if you have poor blood circulation or stagnation in the blood in some areas of the body. Increasing your blood circulation through cupping means that the toxins, not to mention dead cells and other debris, can be expelled in a natural way.

It Works Against Aging

As cupping brings more nutrients to the skin, so does it provide a younger looking appearance. When the cup is lifted from the suction created with the skin, it also helps to reduce wrinkles, lines, puffiness, and scars. What’s more, cupping allows lotions and essential oils to be more thoroughly absorbed, making those products much more effective.