Marriage is meant to be “until death do you part”, but that is often not the case anymore. Love isn’t always enough to keep a couple together, especially if external issues come into play. In particular, these five critical marital problems have often been shown to lead to couples splitting up.

It Was Based On Money And Looks

If you married for your partner’s dashing good looks or their hefty bank account, it might come as no surprise that those are not the ingredients for a lasting relationship. This is not to say it’s wrong to be physically attracted to your spouse, or that they shouldn’t have their own bank account. However, if those were the primary reasons why you wanted to be with them, trouble in paradise might come knocking sooner than later.

The Inability To Forgive

Everybody makes mistakes. In a marriage, it is important to realize that and forgive your partner’s mistakes rather than hold on to them. If forgiveness is lacking, a couple is likely going to have a hard time making things work. With one or both parties unable to let go of grievances, there is no room to heal. This is one of the major ways to break a bond that eventually can lead to divorce.

Expectations Were Not Properly Communicated

Communication is crucial in a healthy relationship. In particular, communicating what you expect of the other person leads to harmony and happiness. On the other hand, not communicating your expectations can cause serious problems. For instance, if you never told your spouse that you always dreamt of having a large family, and now come to find out they only want one child, it might be hard to make that relationship work.

You Don’t Appreciate Each Other

Marriage is a lot of work. As such, it’s important to feel validated and appreciated when we are putting in a lot of effort. Not showing appreciation for one another will often cause a marriage to fail. Things like saying “thank you” or giving a foot rub when you noticed they had a long day really go a long way in cementing a bond.

Those Cheating Hearts

Cheating, whether emotionally or physically, is a huge source of tension that can cause a couple to split. In fact, infidelity has been cited as the number one reason why marriages end up failing. It’s hard to forgive someone for infidelity. Pile that on top of regaining trust, and it’s easy to see how cheating can end in divorce.