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We’ve all been told to eat less salt or see an optometrist to reduce headaches, but, with the majority of people on Earth suffering from frequent headaches, we can’t all have high blood pressure or need glasses. Here are some uncommon reasons that could be causing your pain.

Blinded By The Light

Nerves in your eyes connect to the nerves in your brain, meaning an eye ache can cause a headache. Our eyes expand and contract to process the light we see, so an extreme presence or lack of light can cause a headache. Fluorescent and LED lights could be the culprit of your headaches. Dim the lights, buy duller bulbs, or install green lights, which have been proven to reduce headache frequency.

On the other side of the coin, people who spend too much time in the dark can be subject to headaches due to a lack of vitamin D. To combat the issue, spend a little time in the sun every day.

We Need Water

Some headaches are caused by the tightening of blood vessels around the brain. A common culprit for this problem is dehydration.

A person who drinks can still be dehydrated. The human body thrives on water, so you can still become dehydrated if you’re drinking the wrong liquids, such as sugary sodas. Drink six glasses of water a day, and increase your water intake when you’re sweating.

Double-Edged Sword

Caffeine reduces headaches for some people and causes headaches for other. The body treats caffeine like a drug, so you’ll experience the withdrawal system of headaches if you suddenly decrease your caffeine intake.

Caffeine also has properties of a natural painkiller. Drinking hot caffeinated tea without a lot of sugar along with a medical painkiller can stop a headache.