We all know things like smoking, garlic, and not brushing your teeth regularly can lead to bad breath, but there are some other lesser-known culprits as well. Bad breath is most commonly caused by bacteria sitting in the mouth that emits foul-smelling material like sulfur compounds. That bacteria can come from many sources, and some of which may surprise you.

Stress Is Never Good For Anything

A unique combination of hormones is released when we are stressed, which can easily lead to dry mouth. Unfortunately, those hormones causing the dry mouth can also change how you produce the bacteria VSC, a dreaded sulfur compound. This can, in turn, lead to some pretty bad breath. With that in mind, it might be wise to keep some gum around if you’re feeling stressed.

Another Reason Not To Skip Meals

Skipping meals causes the body to falter in its production of saliva. Because saliva carries antimicrobial agents, a lack in saliva can easily lead to bad breath, as unwanted bacteria will remain in your mouth. Also, without feeding your body with nutrients, your body will begin to break down fats into ketones, which have an interesting, fruit-like odor. That breakdown starts in the mouth. Best to eat regular meals to avoid this problem altogether.

Coffee Too Has Its Pitfalls

Coffee can cause bad breath, and not only because your breath will smell like coffee. It gets worse. Coffee dehydrates you, which can cause dry mouth due to a lack of saliva production. That saliva would normally be carrying bad-breath-causing bacteria to move out of your mouth. To combat this problem, make sure to drink lots of water alongside your coffee.

Mouth Breathing Does More Than Just Drive People Mad

Mouth breathing, for the sound alone, often drives people up the wall. What’s worse, it can also cause bad breath. Mouth breathing causes your mouth to dry up from a decrease in saliva. Once again, when there is not enough saliva in the mouth, bacteria sits there and bad breath can occur. If you don’t have a good reason to be breathing out of your mouth, like a clogged nasal passage, it would be a good idea to just breathe out of your nose.

Watch Your Protein

The body gets energy from both protein and carbohydrates. Many people like to cut out carbohydrates to avoid weight gain, but unfortunately, too much protein without enough carbs can lead to bad breath. This is because proteins break down into amino acids in our bodies, and stinky ammonia is left over from that process. Without the help of carbs to help the liver process it, that ammonia comes out in the sweat and the breath. At least you now have a good reason not to cut out too many carbs from your diet.