We’ve all been taught that swearing is a bad thing. When we let the expletives fly, we might feel embarrassed because we think we sound less intelligent. So, we try our best to say “shoot” and “darn”, and we try to help others do the same. Surprisingly, science has proven that we’ve been wrong this whole time.

Watch Our Mouths

When we get frustrated or angry, curse words naturally fly out of our mouths. It’s hard when you stub your toe to say “diddly darn it” (if we can control ourselves at all.) Some people pepper colorful language into their everyday communication, and that’s just the way they talk to people.

Often times, we’re shocked at this type of language, and we try to stop ourselves from stooping to that level. Let’s face it, we’ve been taught it’s bad to cuss. Is it, though? Science tells us cursing isn’t a bad thing, and it might be good for us.

Cursing Means Intelligence

Studies show people who cuss have a strong grip on linguistics and a tight command of their language. Cursing has even been linked to higher IQs and a vast vocabulary. Who knew?

Not only that, using curse words can be good for you psychologically and physically. Expressing yourself outwardly instead of keeping emotions bottled up is healthy! It’s been linked to the release of natural pain-reducing chemicals in your brain, so no wonder your toe feels better when you scream out a curse word or five.

Befriend Those Who Curse

You want friends who are honest and those you can count on at their word. If that’s the case, pick someone who swears. Psychologists say those who are comfortable expressing their true emotions through colorful language are down to earth and honest. They also have a high level of integrity because they’re not hiding anything.

Those who curse are letting it all hang out.

Next time you feel the need to spice up your language with curse words or you hear someone else doing the same, make a friend! Science says they’re a smart and honest person to hang out with. Who are we to argue?

Still not convinced? Check out this video for more explanations.